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    _______ ____   __  __ __  __ _______ _______ ______
   /  ____// __ \ / / / // | / //__  __//  ____// __  /
  /  /    / / / // / / //  |/ /   / /  /  __/  / /_/ /
 /  /__  / /_/ // /_/ // /|  /   / /  /  /__  / _,  / 
 \____/  \____/ \____//_/ |_/   /_/  /_____/ /_/ |_| 
                 ______________________  _______ __  __  ______
                /   ___/___  ___//  __ \/_____/ / /_/ / / ____/
               /____ \    / /   / /_/ /  / /   / , <`` /  __/
               ____/ /   / /   / _, _/__/ /__ / / | | /  /__
              /_____/   /_/   /_/ |_|/______//_/  |_|/_____/

             _____     _____      __  __      ______    ______    ____
            / ___/    / __  \    / / / /     /  ___/   /  ___/   /  _ \
           (__  )    / /_/ /    / /_/ /     / /       / /__     /  __/
          /____/     \____/     \__,_/     /_/        \___/     \___/

                           ____   _   _  ____   _____
                          / ___| | | | ||  _ \ |  ___|
                          \___ \ | | | || |_) || |_
                           ___) || |_| ||  _ < |  _|
                          |____/  \___/ |_| \_\|_|
                               _____  _     ___
                              |  ___|/ \   / _ \
                              | |_  / _ \ | | | |
                              |  _|/ ___ \| |_| |
                              |_| /_/   \_\\__\_\

                                   SURF FAQ
                             By oblivion from aoc
                      CSS Name: Your_Disgruntled_Neighbour
                                 Version 1.77

Example of Surfing:
surf_eygpt, surf_leet_xl_beta7z, surf_machine,
surf_prisoner, surf_skyscraper, surf_skyworld.


0. - *Table of Contents*


0. Table of Contents
 1. Update History
 2. Copyright
 3. What is Surfing?
 4. How to Surf
 5. Battling on Ramps
 6. Surf Map FAQS
    A) surf_10x_final
    B) surf_eygpt
    C) surf_leet_xl_beta7z
    D) surf_machine
    E) surf_meh_chopper
    F) surf_outwards_b2
    G) surf_prisoner
    H) surf_rebel_resistance_final2
    I) surf_skyscraper
    J) surf_skyworld
    K) surf_spectacular_b3
    L) surf_year3000
 7. Surfing FAQ
 8. Websites
 9. Credits


1. - *Update History*


0.00 - 13th October 2005, guide started. (0.0kb)

1.00 - 20th October 2005, guide released. (52.0kb)
       surf_machine and surf_meh_chopper yet to be complete.

1.75 - 01st April 2006. (85.0kb)
       Fixed a few errors, purged best surf maps section. Added remaining
       secrets for surf_year3000. Added record surf time hints.

1.76 - 23rd May 2006. (88.0kb)
       Fixed grammar/spelling/punctuation. Purged 1.10, 1.15, 1.50, 1.55, 1.60,
       1.61, 1.70 from Update History. Added some links to videos for some
       maps. Updated FAQ section. 

1.77 - 31st July 2006. (88.3kb)
       Updated some links, expanded a few things, fixed some stuff.


2. - *Copyright*


                        .:'*':.     Copyright      .:'*':.

Copyright 2004 to me.

This document may not be modified in any way, shape or form unless consent by
the author or for personal private use. The author reserves the right to spawn
kill you on any map on any server at anytime under any circumstances.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

                        .:'*':.    Distribution    .:'*':.

You can freely distribute the DOCUMENT, provided that:
(a) you DO NOT charge, or ask for donations, for this.
(b) you DO NOT distribute it with any other product, commercial or not.
(c) ALL of the document are to be remained unmodified, unrenamed, and
    untouched. The document MUST remain in its ORIGINAL text form.
(d) this document must NOT be used in any illegal activities of any kind.

Warning: This document is protected by copyright law and international

Latest version of the guide will always be located on the server.


3. - *What Is Surfing?*


    Surfing on Counter Strike involves surfing slanted surfaces, meaning you
slide along them at great speed. You usually slide down them using gravity as
the ramps point downwards. The most common ramps you find on surf maps are:

 FRONT VIEW          SIDE VIEW          TOP VIEW            3D VIEW
                   ______________         ______             /\      
 |\               |              |       |      |           /  \
 | \              |              |       |      |          /    \
 |  \             |              |       |      |         /   #  \
 |   \#           |              |       |    # |        |\      /
 |    \           |      #       |       |      |        | \    /
 |     \          |              |       |      |        |  \  /
 |______\         |______________|       |______|        |___\/

                  ______________       _____________            /\
      /\         |              |     |      |      |          /  \
     /  \        |              |     |      |      |         /    \
    /    \       |              |     |      |      |        /\     \
  #/      \#     |     #        |     | #    |  #   |      #/  \  #  \
  /        \     |              |     |      |      |      /    \    /
 /          \    |              |     |      |      |     /      \  /
/____________\   |______________|     |______|______|    /________\/

  # - Is the area where most players are most likely to surf.

Surfing is all about speed, the better you are at it the faster you go.
The maps that are built to surf on all start with "surf_" e.g. "surf_skyworld".

When you first learn to surf, you'll find it amazingly difficult and you'll
constantly be amazed at the speed pro surfers surf.

    It's all about practice, most surfers have been doing it for months and
months, so they know the surf maps like back of their hand. They know where
every corner, turn and ramp is on the entire map, so they know exactly where
their going. The real pro's have been doing it for over a year, there aren't
many around but when you see when you'll know their a pro.


4. - *How to Surf*


Surfing only involves using A or D on your keyboard. And the mouse is to
steer your player in the correct direction. NEVER press W, only press S if you
need to stop in mid-air, for whatever reason or slow down on a ramp.

     /  \  
    /    \ 
  D/      \A
  /        \
 /          \ 

When your surfing the left side of the ramp, ALWAYS hold D.
When your surfing the right side of the ramp, ALWAYS hold A.

When you transfer from ramp to ramp, avoid hitting the centre point of the ramp
If you hit the centre point of the ramp from a height you'll most likely die!

#Keeping Your Speed:# (Only recommended when you've learnt the basics)

Whilst on the ramp:
To keep your speed whilst on a ramp strafe your cursor downwards so you have
gravity acting on you. Here's an example:
 |                                    | Hit the ramp at x, and leave the ramp
 |                                 x  | at Z. This route means your always
 |                        <---        | going down the side of the ramp with
 |                <---                | most gravity acting on you.
 |        <---                        | For max speed hold down the opposite
 | z                                  | direction of the ramp your suppose to
 |____________________________________| be holding.

Don't go the opposite way from the lower part of the ramp to the upper part,
you will lose most of the speed you have doing it.

Still don't understand or having trouble? Refer to this website;

Turning Corners (transferring from one ramp to another)

    To turn corners without losing any speed (yes it's possible) you have to
hold the direction your turning. E.g. When you come off a ramp towards the left
hold A (left) as long as you can just before you hit the next ramp. Just as you
hit the next ramp hold D/\A.

Remember while your flying through (meaning your not touching any ramps)
the air at great speed ALWAYS hold A or D, preferably the direction your
heading, if your heading straight it doesn't really matter which one you hold.

# Record Surf Time: # (For advanced surfers)

This part will give you tips on how to finish surf maps as fast as possible.

Big Air Slows You Down

    Going very high up in the air slows you down, as the target of surf maps is
to reach the bottom, doing loads of huge jumps is just going to slow you down.
The only reason you need to do large jumps is to cut corners and miss ramps and
parts of the map. So keep as low as possible.

Missing Ramps/Cutting Corners

Cutting corners gains you a good few seconds, but you'll need a lot of speed
to skip to begin with. Many ramps in surf maps you can just surf over, so don't
be scared to try it.

Always aim downwards whilst on Ramps

If you do this on every ramp on the map your speed will be constant. From the
second you hit the ramp from the second you come off it you must be aiming

Always Hold A or D whilst flying

Whenever your doing a huge jump, ALWAYS hold the direction your going. I don't
know why but for some reason this helps you keep your speed.


5. - *Battling on Ramps*


- This section will explain all the best weaponry to use on surf maps.

When your sliding down ramps 90% of weapons won't work unless your right up
close to the enemy (about 1m-2m). I'll tell you which work whilst surfing.

Whilst surfing weapons:

 - Shotguns: -
    The #1 gun whilst surfing is the pump action manual shotgun (M3) it's
accuracy is amazing on ramps. It's pretty much just as accurate while surfing as
it is standing still. So if you intend to kill people who are surfing on the
same ramp as you, buy this gun. Costs $1,800 so it's nice and cheap and can be
bought even if your team is losing.

The automatic shotgun also works, but not as effective. It's no where near
as powerful as the manual, and your ammo is depleted about 5x faster.
Costs $3,000.

 - Rifles: -
    Some rifles can work whilst surfing, the auto snipers and CT's FAMAS.
The FAMAS which can only be bought by the Counter-Terrorists must be set on
burst-fire mode whilst shooting.
Auto snipers is just a 'spray and pray' without using the scope.

 - Sub Machine Guns: -
Sub Machine Guns CAN work, but are no where near as effective. The best way to
kill someone with an SMG is ram into their back and hold fire. SMG's are only
good because of their huge amount of ammo and rate of fire they have.

 - Pistols: -
Pistols are quite random, but the most effective one if the Terrorists glock.
It has burst fire so is more accurate than other pistols whilst surfing. The
Counter-Terrorists USP and the Desert Eagle have been known to work, but their
accuracy is quite random.

Using any other guns in a battle on a ramp is most likely will get you killed.

Feel free to experiment with other guns.

Camping on the centre point of ramp, weapons:

I DON'T recommend camping on the centre point of ramps, because
a) it's camping and is likely to anger other players
b) any good players with a manual shotgun will easily kill you in 1 - 3 hits
c) you lose all your speed.

But here's the best guns to use just encase you want to do this:

Rifles, Counter-Terrorists's M3, bullpup and the Terrorists Kreig work
reasonably well.
Generally any rifle works, just depends on the person using it.

Sniper rifles, AWP and Auto-sniper rifles work.. if you can afford them that

The Block (tactic)

Weapon you should have Manual/Automatic Shotgun, or SMG.

    If you lose nearly all your speed from hitting another player or just
surfing crap you can surf around on one ramp for a while. When you see an enemy
coming drop down in front of them by simply letting go of A or D to stop them.
Then FIRE to kill them. The best places to do this are on narrow/small one way
ramps in very busy servers. At least 20+ active players.

Just make sure you don't block your team mates or you wont become very popular.

NOTE: This is not only very difficult to do but it is one of the most annoying
      things you can do to kill the enemy. Just don't block your team mates!


6. - *Surf Maps FAQ*


This section will guide you through all the most popular surf maps, they are
arranged alphabetically.

Most sections will give you:

 - Guide, a guide of how to surf the entire map
 - Strategies, good things to do to help win
 - Spray spots, places where everyone can spray their spray
 - ASCII, drawings made from text of surf maps
 - With unexplainable things, I will provide links to images
 - Key aspects of the map, see below;

   Buyzone: <- Is there a buyzone on the map?
Difficulty: <- How difficult is this map to complete?
      Size: <- How big is this map in kilobytes?
    Author: <- The person who made the map.

    A) surf_10x_final
    B) surf_eygpt
    C) surf_leet_xl_beta7z
    D) surf_machine
    E) surf_meh_chopper
    F) surf_outwards_b2
    G) surf_prisoner
    H) surf_rebel_resistance_final2
    I) surf_skyscraper
    J) surf_skyworld
    K) surf_spectacular_b3
    L) surf_year3000

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~SURF MAPS FTW!-~

A - surf_10x_final

   Buyzone: Yes, at the end of Zone 3.
Difficulty: Medium
      Size: 15,589kb
    Author: N/A (see start of map)

Quite a new map (at the time I was writing this guide) and very large. This map
involves ALOT of guns and killing. The map has 6 zones to enter and a prison.
If you fall off a ramp at the start you'll be dumped in prison with any other
players who fell off.

Zone 1 - The Green Ring
    This is the first zone you can enter, it's at the end of the first ramp.
Simply surf off the end-centre point into the middle of the ring. It may take
you a few tries. You'll drop onto one of the booster ramps and you'll fly over
lots of big ramps, brake by pressing S above the last one and SLOWLY surf down
onto the floor, turn around pick up an AWP or auto and grenades, you can hide
behind the huge teleport encase anyone else comes. The teleport puts you to the
Spawn area.

Zone 2 - Far Left
Off the 1st ramp, hit the 2nd middle ramp, over the pyramid onto the 3rd
ramp then fly far left and then right onto the ladder.
Go up the ladder fly left and right encase anyone else comes and tries
to shoot you. Once at the top break the glass with knife or pistol and take a
HE grenade and M3.

Zone 3 - Left
Off the 1st ramp, hit the 2nd middle ramp, over the pyramid onto the 3rd
ramp, head left along the ramps into the huge teleport wall.

Zone 4 - Middle Back
Off the 1st ramp, hit the 2nd middle ramp, over the pyramid onto the 3rd
ramp jump the ramps in front of you go behind them and land in the water in
the little box you see. Jump up the blow pipe, head back into door. Pickup
a sniper and HE grenade and camp there watching for the enemy.

Zone 5 - Right
    Off the 1st ramp, hit the 2nd middle ramp, over the pyramid onto the 3rd
ramp, head right along the ramps into the huge teleport wall. Run straight
forward watching your back that nobody else comes, head down the ramp, miss the
last 2 ramps and hit the water. Collect a grenade and machine gun then head
through the door to outside prison. Shoot any enemy prisoners and release any
team mate prisoners. Head through the teleport wall on the right to return to
spawn, or camp prison.

Zone 6 - Far Right
Off the 1st ramp, head right onto the big ramps and surf down them until you
see water, land there. Head up the ladder, glide left and right to avoid
being hit by anyone behind you. Shoot the glass.

                          MAIN SURF ROOM MAP

            ____ ______  ______         ______  ______ ____
           |    |      ||      |       |      ||      |    |
           |   3|------||------|   .   |------||------|5   |                  
 __________|____|______||______|  /|\  |______||______|____|____________
|   ````       |                 |3|R|                   |   ````       |
|           [] |                 |r|a|                   |          []  |
|              |                 |d|m|                   |              |
|_____####_____|                 | |p|                   |_____####_____|
|      2       |                 | | |                   |      6       |
| :::::::::::: |                 | | |                   | :::::::::::: |
|______________|            ,=====\|/======,             |______________|
      _________            ||      V      ||             _________       
      |   |   |            ||P Y R.A.M I D||             |   |   |
      |   |   |            ||     |_|     ||             |   |   |
      |___|___|            ||      #      ||             |___|___|
       ________            ||      #      ||             ________
       \   \   \           ||______#______||            /   /   /
        \   \   \           `=============`            /   /   /
         \___\___\                                    /___/___/
           ________            _________             ________
           \   \   \          |    |    |           /   /   /
            \   \   \         |2nd |ramp|          /   /   /
             \___\___\        |    |    |         /___/___/        
              ________        |____|____|        ________
              \   \   \ 
                        /   /   /
               \   \   \                       /   /   /
                \___\___\        _____        /___/___/
                                / ___ \
                               | |_1_| |
                              /    |    \
                             |     |     | 
                             |     |     |
                             |     |     |
                             | 1st |ramp |
                             |     |     | 
                             |     |     |
                             |     |     | 
 __________               ___|_____|_____|___                _________
| |:::     | ____________|_  |    |:|    |  _|_____________ |      |:||
| |:::     ||            | | |    |"|    | | |             ||::::  |:||
| |:::     ||------------|-| | T  | | CT | |-|-------------||:::: / 0||
| |:::     ||____________|_|_|____|_|____|_|_|_____________||:::: "|:||
|_|:::_____|                  `'"`'"`'"`'                   |______|_||      
                                |_YDN's secret spot.             Prison


-Prison Rush!
Rush to Zone 5 (large teleport block at far back after pyramid) hit the
booster ramp in that zone, miss the last 2 ramps and bounce of the
water over the para's (MGs) that are the guns nearest the door. Then
head straight through the door to arrive outside prison to kill any
prisoners or release any team mates. Stand behind the teleport door
without touching it encase anyone comes to outside of prison. The
teleport wall on the left is indestructible and is good as a shield to hide
behind for protection.

-F***ing Teleport Camp!
Rush to Zone 1 (through the green ring)
    You'll drop onto one of the booster ramps and you'll fly over lots of big
ramps, brake by pressing S above the last one and SLOWLY surf down onto the
floor, turn around pick up an auto sniper rifle (far left) and head into the
door. As you appear crouch (ctrl) and look straight vertically up so your
crosshair wont go any further. Hold that position and wait until the enemy
comes. If you run out of ammo, just hit G and you'll switch to a dead enemies
weapon! :) If a team mate comes they can jump out of you quite quickly, so don't
worry about blocking team mates. I invented this myself after a camper killed me
above the water at spawn, then I pretty much took out their whole team using
this method. =)

WARNING: Doing this is likely to get you votekicked, votebanned or
         other punishments due to its effectiveness. So do at your own


-Nade Spawn!
When you respawn after winning a round with a HE grenade, as soon
as you can without even moving throw the grenade towards the front
off the enemy spawn off the ceiling. DON'T be a kill whore and wait
for others to throw their grenades, because you'll only end up missing
some of the enemy that you could've had! Whore! :-D

-Detour Ownage!
I found this myself, it's a quicker way to Zone 2 (far back left with
ladder and guns in glass).
When you hit the ramp after the pyramid fly left over the ladder and
land on the ladder. Now shoot any enemy you see below you! You may
need to do it a few tries, especially if your not pro.
People who die from this usually ask, how'd you get there so fast?

-YDN's secret spot! :O
I found this spot while in spectate mode, don't ask me why you'd want to go
here but I'll tell you where it is anyway.
On the T side of spawn, on the left you have to jump around to do a 180 degrees
jump behind the wall. If you do it right you'll end up on this really narrow
ledge behind spawn where nobody will ever find you!
Also, I guess you could probably get there from the top of spawn too by falling
down the back, but I've never tried it.

-Instant Kill!
You'll need to practice this to get good at it, but all you have to do at the
start of the round is run off the edge in time with an enemy and shoot their
head promptly. Then quickly carryon surfing. You'd be surprised how often this

`'`'`'`'`*Spray Spots:*`'`'`'`'`
The walls in prison, the teleport walls, the glass/walls/floor at spawn.

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~SURF MAPS FTW!-~

B - surf_egypt

   Buyzone: None.
Difficulty: Easy.
      Size: 13,750kb

An easy peasy map, I'll write a guide to reach the pyramid anyway.

    From CT side; Jump out towards the right onto the ramp, surf to the end and
come off the near the middle and hold A (left) until you hit the ramp. You'll
want to hit the ramp near the bottom or you'll lose all your speed. When on the
2nd ramp try to keep the crosshair pointing downwards as that gives you more
speed and prevents you losing any. At the end of this ramp continue on to the
2nd straight ahead, it's the same as the one you came off. When you reach the
end flick your mouse about 90 degrees to the left and land on the ladder, faster
your going the higher up the ladder you will land. Don't land on top of the
pyramid, you'll die! When you reach the pyramid, camp there killing any enemy
coming up the ladder and any spawn campers with your scout. Make sure to crouch
if your aiming for their heads with your scout.


-Head poke
Whilst camping the top of the pyramid, slightly look over the ladder so you
can see anyone just before they reach the top of the ladder. Shoot their head
as soon as you see them. Don't look right down the ladder because spawn campers
will shoot you and any enemy with a scout below.

-Head removal at spawn
A lot of the time the enemy camps at spawn, so when you've reached the top of
the pyramid, duck and get them in the head with your scout.

-Spawn rush
Instead of landing on the ladder after coming off the ramp, go along one side
of the pyramid and continue onto the next ramp, then fall into the pool of the
right spawn. (ASCII below)

-Hidden pool camp
There's a glitch on the right teleport pool, instead of landing in it land near
the back of the pool and you wont teleport. Instead climb out you'll need to
press duck. Then camp there and shoot anyone coming off the pyramid or anyone
else you can find.

-Spawn camp
When you camp at spawn, try and shoot the enemy with a pistol jumping on the
ramps on their side, headshots are possible but tricky.
You want to shoot any enemies that have reached the pyramid, when they reach
the top of the pyramid you can take their heads off if your quick enough.
Don't stay at spawn if the enemy have taken the pyramid or they'll kill you.
If you want to be a real pain in the butt, stand under the teleport look
straight up and position your cursor so it's in the centre of the box, now
anyone who comes through will be killed because you've broken their fall
instead of the water. Don't do this unless you don't mind being banned from
the server.

-AutoSniper Collection
At the end of the 1st ramp there is an autosniper, to get it just surf right
over the end of that ramp. Make sure you don't have a scout in hand whilst
doing so, because you cant carry 2 snipers!

-AutoSniper Removal
Don't ask me why you'd want to do this but anyway..
At the start of the round, crouch on the edge of spawn and shoot the
autosniper off with your scout before anyone has a chance to get it.
Only reason I'd imagine you'd want to do this is if the enemy keeps getting
it or you just dislike autosnipers. :\

-Spawn Nuke
You can kill everyone at spawn by landing on that tiny patch of water at the
bottom right corner, it's VERY hard to land on, I've only done it several
times. Just press the button and anyone at spawn will die! But you don't
actually get the kills, just the satisfaction of doing it. :)

ASCII of teleport pools:
 ___________     ___________     ___________
|  _______  |   |  _______  |   |  _______  |
| |TOP OF | |   | |TERROR | |   | |::::CT:| |
| |_______| |   | |_______| |   | |_______| |  :::: - Is the area you can land
| | SPAWN | |   | |SPAWN  | |   | |  SPAWN| |         in without being
| |_______| |   | |_______| |   | |_______| |         teleported.
|___________|   |___________|   |___________|

ASCII is drawn from the view as you approach the teleports.

`'`'`'`'`*Spray Spots:*`'`'`'`'`
In spawns floor/wall, on the pyramid, on the top of the pyramid. The 2nd long

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~SURF MAPS FTW!-~

C - surf_leet_xl_beta7z

   Buyzone: Yes, at spawn.
Difficulty: Medium
      Size: 2,536kb
    Author: N/A

Originally known as surf_leet, this one has come out on top of all the
variants. The map involves surfing 80% of the time so it would be very smart to
buy a shotgun in busy games! This is a good map for beginners to start on as it
contains all the basics about surfing which are required in most surf_ maps.


This guide applies to players using the booster ramp.
Buy a shotgun quickly as possible at spawn and some ammo, head back, up the
stairs onto the booster ramp.
A few seconds after coming off the ramp, you'll see a huge one straight
in front of you, steer left whilst holding left (A) and land on which ever
side of this ramp you want D/\A.
You'll quickly come to the long stretch, so again steer left while holding, hit
this ramp and hold down D (right).
When you come off the long stretch you'll be faced with a difficult part, head
down the LEFT side of the ramp holding D. When you reach the end of that side
steer to your right and land just in front of the wall and QUICKLY hold D or you
fall off. (don't worry if you die on this bit a lot, it takes practice).
Continue the ramp to the left, and you'll see on your left a narrow ramp. (if
your going faster enough just come off the top of the ramp onto the next) Go
down this and onto a big ramp, the surf to the right onto a steep ramp.
Look downwards you'll do a big drop onto a big ramp (steer left if your going
slow) Keep going onto the final ramp, hit it holding A and hit the air-ramp
which gives you a big jump (depends where u hit it).
Steer yourself onto the long water platform, land around the middle. If you
land right on the edge of the platform you'll die! Congrats you finished.

At the end is 2 squares, each going to T or CT spawn. The red going to T,
yellow going to CT. Camp at the end or go to a spawn and surf again!


-Ramp Attack!
If your good with a shotgun on ramps, wait until most of the other team has
started surfing (use the window to see) then go and surf yourself. Whilst your
navigating the map try and spot slow enemies on the ramps if you spot one use
your brake (S) just tap it then drop yourself just behind the slow players to
shoot them in the back with the shotgun. The BEST part of the map to find
players like this on his the long straight stretch.

-Nade Spawn!
This tactic is frowned upon by many, but the people who are good at it love
it, me being an example.
Buy a HE grenade run up near the huge metal wall, hold down your mouse and
JUMP then let go of your mouse while your in mid air. Aim your grenade
directly above the centre point of the roof. If successful your grenade will
bounce off the roof and explode halfway down the other side of the enemies
spawn thus hurting the enemy (a damage sound will confirm this) check your
console at the end of the round for how much damage you dealt to them.
Press B R on your keyboard to rebuy HE grenades quickly to keep throwing
them. When you get good enough at this use the glass and aim your grenades
towards the large pack heading towards the booster ramp, if your good you'll
get over 3 kills. Just watch your cash doesn't get too low.
To stop people doing this simply throw a Flash Bang grenade to their spawn
and it stops them for about 3 seconds giving you enough time to reach the
booster ramp.
Also many servers are disabling grenades all-together to prevent this type
of killing from happening.
Master this trick and you wont even have to surf! ;D

There's a lot of controversy around killing the opposite team before they
even surf, many servers have disabled HE grenades. Disabling grenades
encourages camping at spawn and at the teleport. Without grenades, half the
team can end up camping waiting for spawn switchers and people coming
through the teleport.
So basically, your better off leaving HE Grenades ON, and just flashing the
opposite team so you can get surfing before they throw grenades at you.
Since when was it so difficult to through a Flashbang over a wall?

-Spawn Slaughter!
This is a trick which allows you to switch to the enemy spawn using the
booster ramp. This is very difficult until you get the hang of it but I'll
explain it in ALOT of detail. (from ct side)
Go on the booster ramp, point left a little then just as you see the metal
fence flick your mouse and hold D (left) until you do a 180' speed. When you
hit the ramp do a little flick to the left and hopefully you'll land on the
other teams spawn.
This all happens in about 1.5 seconds and you need to keep practicing to do it.
If you're having trouble go to Spectate mode and watch others do it.

-Spawn Camp!
I hate this tactic but I'll put it here anyway. Firstly master Spawn Slaughter
move (above), but this time you flick your mouse EARLIER so you have more
speed. This is harder because it's all done much faster. When you bounce off
the ramp head up above the enemies black booster ramp. Surf on the roof if you
need to and you'll reach the centre point. You can camp here shooting anyone
who comes through the teleportals. You can walk along to one side and camp
at the end of the metal fence with a long range weapon. Also if you fall off
the edge (near the stairs) right at the end you'll land on an invisible wall
losing about 15hp. With a shotgun you can pop out and kill people.

-Last Ramp Snipe!
I highly recommend you DON'T do this as a) it'll annoy people b) it's not safe
c) it's camping on a ramp!
Buy a sniper (AWP best here)
On the 2nd to last ramp, head up and land camp on the edge get your AWP out
and shoot anyone landing on the water platform. Watch your back because anyone
smart enough will remove your head with a shotgun.

-Kill End Campers!
I invented this myself (I've never seen anyone else do it).
You'll need a manual shotgun, and be going pretty fast. When you reach the end
come off around the middle of the air-ramp and aim to land straight on the
teleport platform, when you've stopped mid-air aim at the camping enemy and
shoot him just before you hit the water teleport. Use S to stop mid-air.
If you make a successful kill not only does it scare the heck out of the player
but it also makes you look like a fricken' shotgun whore maniac! (like me)

-Camping Whilst Surfing
Yeh, you can surf while camping. On the long straight stretch, just stop near
end and face the other way, now wait for the enemy to come.. fall in front of
them and remove their heads. If you too close to the edge of the ramp turn
back round and carryon surfing down.

-Watch your back!
If your not going very fast on the long stretch your very vulnerable to be
shot in the back, so face the other way and surf backwards until you come off
the end. It's much safer! I think I invented this, but I'm not sure. :\

`'`'`'`'`*Spray Spots:*`'`'`'`'`
On the glass at spawn, at the stairs at spawn, the water platform at the end
, the ceiling at spawn after getting on the roof. High up on the walls at
the end (pro's only)

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~SURF MAPS FTW!-~

D - surf_machine

   Buyzone: None.
Difficulty: Easy.
      Size: 1,995kb 
    Author: Z-Machine

A large map all based in one room. There's no 'specific' route you can take
so I cannot write a guide on it, instead I can give you a list of strategies
and where all the guns are on the map:
Learn the map and you'll be on your way victory.


-Spawn rush
Purely invented by me, mainly because it's difficult and mad.
Jump onto the RIGHT side of the 1st ramp, and carefully fly next to or under
the black letters T or CT,  hit them you die, miss them you die. It's a
difficult manoeuvre but certainly worth it.

-AWP patrol
This lets you kill any enemy that have got their hands on either of the AWPs
on the end of the ramps. Go to the hidden weapons on the far right corner of
the map under the ramp. Take an auto sniper, go off the booster ramp and head
right quickly on to the ramp, then bounce off onto the roof which is above
the glass. Look for any enemy surfers/campers whilst moving in to position
on top of the letters CT on the end of the roof. Also purely invented by me.

-Spawn attack
This map makes it EASY to kill at spawn, when surfers jump off the edge simply
shoot them, it's possible to get A LOT of kills if your good.
Best spawn kill weapons here: M3 manual shotgun, M4 rifle, AWP and krieg.

-AFK kill
Any enemy AFK for a minute? Lets kill 'em - jump across onto the invisible
block which separates the 2 spawns, jump around that then take out the AFKs.
This may take a bit of practice.

Camp at teleports, you choose. I'm not mentioning any spots as it gets people
angry doing it. So it's your choice.

`'`'`'`'`*Gun Areas:*`'`'`'`'`

-AWP x2
One of each is placed on the ends of the upper white ramp which is in front of
the loop. They are behind on the ramp on the ledge.

-MachineGun + Rifles + AutoSnipers
This is in a hidden spot, after travelling down the first ramp head right and
go behind the end of the longest ramp pointing right. Drop on to the ramp to
hit water and collect your gun then walk on to the booster ramp.

These are in the separate room, to get here take the grey ramp. Where? -
Head right after coming off the 1st ramp, take the final right and you'll hit
the grey ramp, continue going off the end of the ramp and you'll be teleported

-ALL Guns
These are in the area located above the spawn, there are 2 ways of getting
   1. This is tricky but with practice you wont die, come off to the right of
the 1st ramp and hover over the chequered ramp, stop by pressing S and turn
around, continue surfing and slow down near the end. Go around the block head
in to the giant door.
   2. Go to the SMG room - Head right after coming off the 1st ramp, take the
final right and you'll hit the grey ramp, continue going off the end of the
ramp and you'll be teleported here. When your there take the exit furthest
away from you which has an up arrow above it.

Note: Yes there are other ways, but they take too long thus deeming them
      obsolete routes.

These are right under where the prison, when you reach the end of the 1st ramp
slow down and under where the huge block by prison is an opening with water,
slowly surf in to there get out of the water, choose your M4 or AK47.
Then open the door and let the booster ramp take you under prison and through
the huge hoop.

`'`'`'`'`*Spray Spots:*`'`'`'`'`
Spawns wall/floor/glass. Prison.

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~SURF MAPS FTW!-~

E - surf_meh_chopper

   Buyzone: None.
Difficulty: Hard
      Size: 3,641kb
    Author: Mad_Scientist

A very difficult map, do not attempt this if your still new to surfing. But if
your up to the challenge I've written a guide for you.
The guide is split into each stage, 1 to 4. I've split them the same as how
the author has split them up.

>Stage 1:
An easy start stage, run off the edge where you see the helicopter on to the
ramp. Continue on to the steep ramp, try holding A (left) most of the time
until you reach the end then you can transfer onto the next ramp to the left.
Surf down this and land on the stone rectangle on the floor. DON'T go over it.
You'll fall down a long metal tube in to stage 2.

>Stage 2:
You'll be booster down a corridor, get the to left and get ready to surf.
Surf diagonally down at ALL times whilst holding A (left) if you surf
horizontally or upwards at all you will lose your speed and fall off. When
you reach the end, fall down the hole.

>Stage 2 continued:
You'll be dropped on to some water, simply surf down the ramp on to the
next ramp straight ahead. Land on the ladder. Then let the booster take you to
stage 3. NOTE: You must always climb up the ladder, there is an invisible wall
which stops you if you don't use the ladder.

>Stage 3:
You'll be in this yellow vertical fall. Hold S (brake) and carefully surf
down. Touching the turbines will kill you. Get to the right of the first
turbine, and drop just as it goes past. Quickly move to the left and slowly
keep going until you can walk again. Now when your on this flatter land jump
to the bottom left of the huge turbine in front of you.

>Stage 3 - Door trouble:
You'll be given 5 doors each numbered. You must guess which door is the
correct door, the answers are below if you don't want to guess which is the
correct door yourself.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOILERS * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Door 1 - 0You0fall0through0the0fake0floor0to0your0death,0lol.0 *
Door 2 - 0Instant0death.0* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Door 3 - 0Return0to0spawn.0* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Door 4 - 0Return0to0stage0two.0* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Door 5 - 0Contine0to0stage0three.0 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
(zero's are added so people who want to figure it out themselves
don't accidentally see the answer)

>Stage 3 continued:
    After choosing the correct door, you'll be dumped in to water to face yet
more ramps. Head down the ramp and surf on to the ladder which is straight
ahead on the wall. Head up the ladder and run along the ledge to your right.
When you reach the end align yourself up with the X on the floor and FALL on
to it, DON'T jump! Just walk off the ledge on to it, easy!

>Stage 3 - Walk of Death:
    Take your time on this part, go ahead and run along either side of the
diamond shape until you reach the steps. Jump up them until you reach the
tight rope.
    This is much easier than it looks, simply get the rope in the centre of
your screen and aligned with your crosshair and run across whilst keeping the
line in-between your crosshair. Do a big jump onto the ramp and slowly surf
yourself on to the ledge at the bottom-end side.
    This is tricky, take your time. I cant write on how to do this as I can't
explain how to jump on small pieces of metal. Just take your time and when you
make a jump try and position yourself on the middle of the bit you landed on
so you have enough run up to make it to the next piece of metal. Good luck.
    When you've finished enter the door to stage 4.

>Stage 4:
This is tricky, you MUST keep your speed up whilst surfing this final stage
or you won't make it across the steep ramp.
When you transfer from ramp to ramp, do little hops to place yourself as best
you can for the next ramp so you keep your speed. Here's a rough ASCII of it:

                .,.   ________     _
         STEEP //    ---------->  (_) END
         RAMP //      ````````     ^
             //                    |
            //                BRAKE USING
            \|                   S HERE
             `   /____ HOP
             .,. \
      .,. <--- HOP
           .,. <--- HOP
 _____ ///
|     |//

When you reach the end you'll be given a selection of doors, here's another
ASCII of it all:

|      ] - To stage 1
|      ] - To stage 2
|      ] - To stage 3
|      ] - To stage 4
|      ] - To gun room
|      ] - To helicopter controls

`'`'`'`'`*Controlling the Chopper:*`'`'`'`'`

To take control of the chopper, go up to the control panel and press E.
Piloting the chopper is very difficult when you first try, you'll have it
flying all over the place which is totally unsafe for other players to be
travelling in.
To safely fly people around you must tap the mouse button as quickly as
possible, almost like your firing a weapon that has a recoil problem.
If you let the helicopter drop too much or go too high your passengers will
fallout or be pancakes in your helicopter, so be careful!


 Left Mouse - Gain air (go up)
          W - Go forwards
          D - Rotate right
          A - Rotate left
          S - Reverse/Break


So you want to get to the helicopter controls without doing the entire map?
Well, there's several ways and here they all are:

-----Straight to Copter Control Shortcuts:-----

Wall walk:
At spawn, assuming the H-Pad door is open (jump around the wall if it isn't)
You'll need TWO team mates to stand right on the edge facing the wall at the
back of the H-Pad. When they're right on the edge and standing, jump on them
and do the biggest jump you can possibly do on to the wall. (edge of room)
If you didn't make it, try again.
If you did make it, run left whilst holding right so you don't fall off. Turn
the corner carefully and keep going until you reach the platform where the
chopper controls are.

                 -+-    _,.-.,_
                  | ---`       `'-.
                 / \               \
                    O               \
                   -+-               \
                    |                 \
                   / \                 \
                  O                    V
_________________/ \                    _
HELI-PAD         |                     | |
_________________|                   SIDE OF 
Get a lift:
If someone else is at the controls, try and convince them to fly you over.

Wall walk, chopper-bridge:
If your lucky, the person piloting the chopper will make a bridge from the
heli-pad to the wall using the chopper. When he/she does quickly run across
it on to the wall. If the chopper is near the edge but hasn't quite made a
bridge, hop in to the chopper and jump off the back/front on to the wall.

`'`'`'`'`*Spray Spots:*`'`'`'`'`
Spawn, helicopter controls, the correct door in the doors room. Teleport

-----Surf Shortcuts:-----
2nd Ramp Skip:
On stage 1, you can miss the 2nd ramp (the steep one). When you come off the
1st ramp simply go left quickly on to the 3rd ramp, missing the 2nd.

Skip Ladder Climb Walk Ledge:
After entering the correct door on Stage 3, you'll be dumped in water. When you
head down the ramp, when you reach the end, surf to your right diagonally onto
the X. This is much quicker than climbing the ladder and walking across to
fall on it.

Skip X Marks the Spot Fall:
After entering the correct door on Stage 3, you'll be dumped in water. When you
head down the ramp, INSTEAD of surfing straight ahead do a 280 degrees turn
around on to the ramp on the right, and as long as you've kept your speed you
should surf safely into the water-wall.

Leap of Faith:
If you've got the guts, read on if not stop reading HERE.

On stage 3 Walk of Death, after the tight rope. Instead of jumping on the ramp
and slowly surfing down onto the metal platform, you can surf down it quickly
and skip some of the metal platforms.
I am not responsible for your death in the game, so don't complain to me!

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~SURF MAPS FTW!-~

F) surf_outwards_b2

   Buyzone: None.
Difficulty: Medium.
    Author: N/A

A map with pretty much all wooden ramps, some very long. I won't provide a
guide on surfing the entire map as you don't need to surf the entire map due
to all the secrets.

Gun Room Jump:
Jump to the end room from the first ramp.
When you travel down the first ramp, just as it splits at the end you need to
surf in to the area where the split is, if you do it right you should fly up
and be able to land on one of the platforms in prison.

Additional Gun Room Secret:
You can get on top of the building prison is in by using some invisible
platforms outside. Jump on the first block, then jump left and jump towards
the middle again and you should attach on to the left of a ladder.
Up here you can find an M4a1, AWP, Bullpup all with ammo.
|          X          |
|          X          |
|____      X      ____|
|    |           |    |
|    |   ##  ##  |    |

# = hidden block
X = hidden ladder

Shotgun @ Spawn Room:
When you begin, jump off the back of the inside of spawn. Don't worry if you
miss you'll return to spawn. When you get it correct you should enter a green
room, climb up the pole and you'll end up at spawn with two shotguns at your
disposal. The shotguns can be grenaded with practice.

Machine Gun Room:
At the end of level two when you land in the large pool at the end fall off
the edge so the plant pot is in sight, but DON'T go in the teleport, instead go
fall off again in to the sky, here's an ASCII of the side view:

fall          ,.,.,.,
down         |~water~| 
here     ____|~~~~~~~|____
 |      |_________________|          ramps
 |               #                    over
 V   ___________\_/___________         here

/invisible platform\

When you come off the ledge and see the plant pot carryon on going straight off
the edge of platform and you should land onto the skybox floor without dying or
being teleported, turn around 180 degrees and carryon walking under the ledge
to reach a room with machine gun and kevlar.

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~SURF MAPS FTW!-~

G - surf_prisoner

   Buyzone: None.
Difficulty: Medium.
      Size: 5,684kb
    Author: One of the brokensurf members


Guide written for CT side.
Fall off the opening in the room onto the first ramp, when you see the first
wooden triangle transfer onto the left side of that, go down the ramp
diagonally to keep your speed. Then transfer onto the 2nd wooden ramp, you
should be near the bottom-edge of this by now. When you come off this fall
onto the next ramp, as you reach the end of this swing your crosshair left
about 120 degrees, you'll need to hold left for a short period. When you come
above one of the smaller wooden triangles, brake on top of that and slowly surf
onto the square stone.
When you reach the main teleport room, here's an ASCII of it:
                |_                  _|
Meaningless room| |                | |To roof of spawn,
you can hide in.|_|                |_| also the exit of prison.
                |                   _|
                |                  | |To CT spawn.
                |                  |_|
                |                   _|
Monitor and --->|]                 | |To T spawn.
switch to       |        ####      |_|
release         |________####________|
prisoners.             Water you 
                       land in.

What I do is camp to the left side of the water and shoot any enemy that make
it to the room, if the prison is full of my team, I leave them in so they
kill any enemy yet to fall down. If it's full of enemy team, I release them
and go to a spawn and shoot them one by one as they jump down. I then repeat
the process until their team is dead.


-Spawn HS!
Sit at spawn and shoot all the people who jump onto the ramp, I can get over 3
kills doing this. It's great if your team helps you, much more devastating.
You shouldn't try doing this if Friendly Fire is on.

-Spawn Rush!
When you come off the 2nd wooden triangle, head straight to the square stone
and quickly enter the enemy spawn door and kill any campers or AFKers there.

-Spawn Guard!
Sit at the back of spawn and kill anyone who comes to your teams spawn, this
is a stupid thing to do but people do it so maybe you'd like to try it to kill
any far superior players to you.

-Roof Spawn Rush!
I've never done this, but why not put it in the guide anyway?
Rush to the teleport room by coming off the 2nd wooden triangle straight onto
the square stone, go to the roof (far right door) and run onto the middle stone
and headshot any campers that are there still.
Only bother doing this if there are A LOT of spawn campers on the other team,
you can hear them at the start of the round shooting.

-Hear them run!
If your waiting at a spawn for all the enemy to jump down to be shot, move
silently by holding shift and if there's any remaining any you'll hear
footsteps, wait until they come down.

*Spray spots:*
Wall/floor at spawn, the red and black sign at prison. Anywhere in the teleport
room and in the useless hiding place room.

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~SURF MAPS FTW!-~

H - surf_rebel_resistance_final2

   Buyzone: None.
Difficulty: Medium
    Author: ArchAngel

A metallic map which is considerably long compared to other surf maps.
I wont write a guide on how to do this as it is so long, and you just have to
simply learn the map to be good at it, instead I'll list most of the secrets.


There's an invisible bridge to the other spawn. Go under the spawn by going
on top of the ramps on the corner of spawn. Watch someone else walk it before
attempting it yourself.


LSS - Laser Security System:

To do this you need to hit all the hidden switches in the map. Here's where
they all are:

1. On both sides of spawn you have a one time trigger. You'll need to jump to
touch the trigger. It's on the corner next to the rubber ramp.

End room
2. There are two buttons that change the camera view for jail. Press the bottom
button. This is an important part you need to run into jail for the next part
as you only have 3 seconds.

Top of jail
3. There is a trigger in the corner of the room at the top of jail. You will
just need to walk into it. Remembers it's only active for 3 seconds after
doing, step 2.

LSS Panel
4. There is a switch on the right of the LSS panel. Walk into it.

Repeat step 3 and 4. Images of each switch can be found at the following link:
106kb, 997x805 resolution.

Shotgun & Ammo:
To get the shotgun, each team is provided with one you need to rush onto the
the ramp at the corner of spawn and going under to pick it up.
The 16 shells are located where the deagles are, surf the deagle route but
instead of going through the teleporter, go around the outside of the platform
behind the glass wall. DON'T go there if you haven't got a shotgun as you'
pick them up for no reason.
VIDEO BY ShadowFogo:

There's only one of these, it's above the 2nd pane of glass whilst surfing.
Quite difficult to get but you can see it if you look.

Machine Gun Room:
At the end of the map, in the room with the AK47's and M4A1's, there's two
buttons next to the monitor. Right next to them is an invisible button to
enable the secret teleport, so bash e whilst looking slightly to the right of
the buttons are then jump in to the black hole under the first platform.

VIDEO BY ShadowFogo

Escape Jail:
You must touch all the corresponding buttons:

VIDEO BY ShadowFogo:
(NOTE: Pressing E (use) is not required, he also does five jumps instead
of the four required)

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~SURF MAPS FTW!-~

I - surf_skyscraper

   Buyzone: None.
Difficulty: Medium
      Size: 13,047kb
    Author: Al Capwned

A nice bright map involving huge jumps, huge buildings and huge ramps. The aim
of this map is to reach the gun room to pick up an AWP or another gun to kill
the enemy.


(standard route - Slowest)
Run with your scout to the opening in the room fall out, don't jump or you'll
be killed by spawn campers. Go down the ramp and come off and land sideways
onto the red tiled roof. Go along all the tiled roofs keeping on the right side
of them. On the last one make sure your on the right-side edge and hit the
narrow brown ramp then come off and land in the pool.(press S/brake if need to)
Come out of the water go into the white room and you'll appear on top of the
building. When up there head towards the building you see and when you get to
the corner you should see a ramp, jump down the right side aiming into the
rectangle hole made out of bricks. Basically a bungee jump. When in the room
pick a gun (awps best) and go into the yellow opening to appear on the roof
you saw before. Now wait there and shoot any enemy you see coming!

(pool run route - 3rd fastest)
Run with your scout to the opening in the room fall out, don't jump or you'll
be killed by spawn campers. At the end of this ramp come off the middle and
try and land near the top of the red tiled roof, speed down using A and flick
your mouse right then left to land on that platform or wooden platform. You'd
probably have lost some HP (hopefully not very much).
Now run along the large pool towards the whole in the large yellow wall, watch
out for spawn campers! Then go down the ramp and the end steer right and land
into the gun room. When in the room pick a gun (AWPs best) and go into the
yellow opening to appear on the roof you saw before. Now wait there and shoot
any enemy you see coming!

(ramp cut across route - 2nd fastest)
Run with your scout to the opening in the room fall out, don't jump or you'll
be killed by spawn campers. Hit the high end part of the red tiled roof and
head downwards to the left side. Hold A (yeh the wrong direction) and keep
pointing downwards to get as much speed as possible. Do a jump off the 2nd to
last red tiled roof onto the brown roof then when you hit the brown roof surf
off the end point to the left into the gun room.
A tricky route which requires a lot of practice. When in the room
pick a gun (AWPs best) and go into the yellow opening to appear on the roof
you saw before. Now wait there and shoot any enemy you see coming!

(ghost wall route - Fastest!)
This route is the fastest, so is quite tricky.
Jump on the T side of the first ramp, come off the end-bottom of the ramp and
swing left and do 180 degrees then then slide along the wall onto the narrow
ramp, hopefully you should have enough speed to reach the gun room, if not
just go to an enemy spawn. If you fail the first time, reconnect and respawn
to come back alive! :)

ASCII of teleports:
 |               |                A - takes you to 2nd building above spawn
 |       A       |   _________        which is the bit after the gun room
 |               |  |  _____  |   
 |_______________|  | |     | |   B - takes you to T spawn
  ______   ______   | |  D  | |
 |      | |      |  | |_____| |   C - takes you to CT spawn
 |  B   | |  C   |  |_________| 
 |______| |______|                D - takes you into the gun room


-Spawn Killing!
Either lean over the edge to shoot people coming out of spawn, or sit just
inside where your safe and shoot people jumping out of spawn.

-Secret Letter Spot!
On the last ramp of the standard route which points towards the large pool
by the yellow walls, come off that ramp on top of the yellow wall or its
letters, then fall into one of the letters. (cant remember which)
If you want to leave just jump down onto the ramp below.

-Teleport Kill!
So, you made it to the guns first huh? And you went up to patrol the top of
the buildings.. Well if you don't want anyone killing you close range put your
AWP cursor just above and a bit left of the corner of the water teleport and
shoot when you see a person fall down. I've only ever done this myself, but it
works if you do it well.

-Spawn Kill the Spawn Killers!
This is my favourite move on this map, deliberately stop on the 1st ramp. Turn
around, crouch and remove the enemies heads that are still shooting from spawn.
Don't try this if you suck with snipers because they'll kill you.

-Somebody's Been Here?
If you enter the gun room and an AWP is missing, face towards spawn and check
your radar to see if any team mates are there. If there isn't take an M3,
put the silencer on and go kill the enemy with the AWP on the roof. When you
kill him with an M4 take his AWP and his spot! ;)

-One Step Ahead
This is for a game with a lot of pro-surfers in. Using the fastest route fall
into the large pool which takes you to the 2nd top building above spawn. Wait
there for an unsuspecting enemy by crouching in the water and your pistol
ready. Don't add a silencer to CT pistol unless your a wimp.

Wall/floor at spawn, gun room, gun room yellow wall, walls/floor at teleports.

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~SURF MAPS FTW!-~

J - surf_skyworld

   Buyzone: None.
Difficulty: Easy
      Size: 772kb 

This map is based in the sky! *plays choir music*. It's pretty big and quite
easy and involves rifles, pistols and snipers. Very popular map at the time
of writing this guide.


(from CT side)
Jump towards the middle of the ramp (don't hit it though) and steer downwards.
When you come off the end land halfway up or near the bottom of that ramp.
Then hold A at ALL times and keep steering left, it's a real long corner.
When you come off press S when your above the water pit stop. Head straight
forward down that long ramp, head left and bounce off one side of the stones.
Point your cursor slightly to the middle of the ramps for better results.
Use jump if your going quite fast.
Hit the water pool run towards the centre and grab a gun. Go onto the teleport
disk, you'll appear at the top plate of the map, quickly jump and do a 360
spin encase anyone is camping. If not quickly run off the side where you see
the "BrokenSurf" sign and land in the water, steer if necessary. (don't hold

Getting to AWPs/autos box:
You need more speed and more confidence to do this. Here we go:
Jump towards the middle of the ramp (don't hit it though) and steer downwards.
When you come off the end land halfway up or near the bottom of that ramp.
Then hold A at ALL times and keep steering left, it's a real long corner.
Now go AROUND the water pit stop and land on the next ramp, as you come off
the end hold D and steer towards the AWP box, head for the water and when
your above it hit S to stop yourself. This is easier that it looks, so don't
be scared to do it!


-Spawn HS!
Not many people do this, but I do it all the time! When the enemy jumps onto
the first ramp you can clip their heads at the corner. You need fast reaction
time and you cant blink!! I've had up to 3 kills doing this, and all you
need is a pistol! Even if you don't kill them you've weakened them right at
the start of the round! ;)
Note: It's very hard to kill with T pistol, much easier HS's with CT pistol.

-Spawn Camp!
Assuming you won last round, you've got an AWP or rifle, simply shoot any
enemy surfers that are surfing either at the corner at the start or when
they leap off the first ramp. AWP is best for this.

-Nade Spawn!
This is a totally devastating to the other team, you'll need a HE grenade
from the previous round, go to the highest point in your spawn and lob it just
over the wall towards them. If successful you'll hear a bounce then a bang
followed by an awesome sound of damage.
If two people do this at the start you can kill half of their team off right
before they even start surfing!
If more than two people do this, you can theoretically win the game, but I've
never seen it happen.
Learn this tactic, it's superb!

-AWP Ramp Camp!
This is a very popular spot for people to camp with the AWP, on the 2nd ramp
middle point your in the middle of the map so you can see most of the map.
You sit there shooting anyone still at spawn, and anyone who appears at the
top disk. Just watch out though, anyone who's not stupid and has the chance
will kill you with a pistol if they reach you.
You can also camp on the one of the two bends, as this isn't as obvious as
being directly in the middle. I don't like camping in the dark area under
the first ramp as you are very vulnerable for the enemy there.

-Super Speed!
This is for the good surfers only, you'll need a lot of speed! When you reach
the bottom pool hit the back part of the water and bounce onto the teleport
disk (don't hold or a or d when you hit the water, it's easier than that)
You'll fly off the top plate and hopefully onto the first ramp of the map,
if you do it well you can leap to your left/right onto the 4th ramp of the
map to attempt to do it again. If your really good at this you can loop it
and the enemy cant catch you, unless they camp.

-BrokenSurf Challenge! (strictly for pro's only!!)
You see that sign at the start which says "BrokenSurf"? Well it's possible
to camp on that, you'll need mega speed using the Super Speed strategy and
a lot of luck, when you fly off the front of the top plate, hit the 2nd ramp
and fly up towards the broken surf sign to land on it.
This spot isn't particularly great, nor is it worth all the trouble. It's just
fun and a show off tool for anyone who wants to try it.

-Spawn Rush (pro's only!)
I invented this one myself, when you come off the 2nd ramp, hit the bend and
quickly turn around into the dark area under the 2nd ramp. Bounce off the
floor onto the teleport. You should now be falling all the way down to the
rifles. Pick up a rifle and go to the teleport (back to the top) and jump
to the enemy spawn. And now, have your slaughter fest!

Stay in your spawn, make sure no enemies are going to come over and hang
around in the water. Look up and stand right beneath anyone's fall. If you get
a direct hit they'll die. This is also a tking move, but it sure is great fun!

-Breach the Wall!
Very old move, get a boost from a team mate over the wall to pick off the
enemy, but don't be surprised if you die first. Happens nearly every round.

-Avoid Enemy AWPS!
If you want to survive the first ramp and the jump from enemy AWPS, you'll need
to learn this.
For the first jump, jump right by the middle wall and slide steeply down to the
outside of the ramp.
On the transfer onto the 2nd ramp, wobble your mouse so your much harder to
hit, this also deters the enemy away from targeting you.

`'`'`'`'`*YDN's Hiding Spots:*`'`'`'`'`
I recently noticed spots where you can hide from the enemies, I've never seen
anyone else use them so I'll put them here.

-Under Spawn!
Hide under spawn in the dark bit, you'll have to surf there and shoot anyone
that jumps onto the ramp. Listen to them so know when they are coming.
Not very secret due to they can see your shadow 'leak' through the floor.

-Under Water Check Point!
In the second water bowl checkpoint, there's 2 on the map; one on each side.
You can surf under there too and hide! :)

`'`'`'`'`*Spray spots:*`'`'`'`'`
Floor or wall at spawn, the white teleport disks scattered throughout the map
there's 4 in all. BrokenSurf sign is also a spot for sprays, if you can get

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~SURF MAPS FTW!-~

K - surf_spectacular_b3

   Buyzone: None.
Difficulty: Super Mega Madness Ultra Hard 
      Size: 1700KB (estimate)
    Author: SimplySped

A VERY challenging map which very few people have actually completed without
cheating or changing sv_airaccelerate or sv_gravity.

`'`'`'`'`*Guide:*`'`'`'`'` By Lexxure Oblivion

-Level 1 
Go up the stairs and turn to the right. jump over the railing or crouch under
it and land on the ramp below, height is key when you land as if you have no
height you'll bounce right off the ramp. You should get enough speed to get
to the platform if you get the right amount of height. 

-Level 2 
Don't drop from the first ramp and do a 180 to the platform below it will kill
you every time even if you land successfully on the platform. when you get to
the end of the second ramp you need to do a 180 air turn to land on the
platform. You need height on the second ramp because of the ramp's slope.
Hold forward on that last ramp to make it to the platform it is the only of
its kind. Never hold forward on any other ramp. 

-Level 3 
Go off the first ramp as usual and fly over the second ramp. Don't land on it.
Do a 180 to the pyramid landing on the left side of the pyramid as parallel as
possible and with as much height as possible (the pyramid is very steep but
good height can save you if you land wrong). Go around the corner and get to
the ladder and hold forward to climb up. 

-Level 4 
Easy once you do it. Notice the slant of the ramp. It goes down and comes back
up. So get a running start and land as close to the centre as possible.
Stay on the inside until about halfway when it slopes back down then move to
the outside. Turn into the ramp a bit and crouch in the air to get a last bit
of height to make it to the platform. Your speed is most important on this
ramp. Again, inside to about halfway, then move to the outside (sometimes it
will push you to the outside--let it). Get ALL the way to the outside on the
jump then turn into the ramp. 

-Level 5 
Get height on the opening ramps and on the very last ramp get enough height to
get over the ramp. There is an invisible platform which you can use to get a
jump head start on the tower of Mario jumps. If you do it right, you can
jump/crouch to land on the lower ring near the top of the tower taking little
if any damage.
You can start from the bottom of the tower, but you'll need a lot of patience
and skill.
When you fall down the middle of the tower you'll return to the start.
I've done this map with infinite lives (noclipping in/out) so it IS possible
without cheats if you've got the heart, skill and patience.

I dug this guide up deep from the forums, edited and
reproduced it to a higher standard.

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~SURF MAPS FTW!-~

K - surf_year3000

   Buyzone: None.
Difficulty: Easy (medium for pro-route)
    Author: ArchAngel

A large map with plenty of secrets, all of which I will list here.

-Nade spawn
When you send a grenade spawn you need to get it as close as to the roof as

-Infinite Speed
If you keep falling off the first ramp you are returned to spawn and you can
carryon gaining speed from there, you can also use this to go to the enemies


--Deagle @ Spawn--
There's a deagle at spawn, one for each team. To get it you need to fall off
the side onto a tiny sticking out bit. You don't always get ammo with it and
sometimes can't get back up, so it's a bit risky. If you can't get back up
you have to fall down, climb up the ramp then surf down it then land in the
area under the first ramps attached to spawn to end up being returned to

--Hidden Dualies Bookcase--
There's some hidden dual elites behind the bookcase, the easiest way to get
them is by grenading them. Just throw a grenade in front of the bookcase.
If you don't have a grenade use a USP pistol and shoot the one of the bottom
right books a good few times.
The book you'll need to shoot is on the bottom right, 3rd shelf from the

"What never gets any wetter no matter how hard it rains?"
              --Hidden TMP and Kevlar.--
When you land in the water go around the back of the metal building, when your
on the other side shoot/knife/grenade the floor and a tile should break, drop
down it in to some water.

Head down the piped corridor and on your left and right are pipes. On your
right you need to knife the little pipe which has an 8 by it quite a few
times, when you've done it correctly you should here a sound and the
corridor should fill up with water, carryon down the corridor and stab the
grate blocking your path. Climb up the ladder in to the room.
From here go over to the machine in the corner of the room press E on it (use)
when the light comes on climb on the machine, you should now receive kevlar
armour (vesthelm). Then collect your TMP and open the door using the
control panel.

Prison Security System Code:
To activate the prison kill system you need to input the correct code on the
blank control panel. Here's the code:

 2 4 5 6 7 9 

ASCII of how you input the code:
   ___   ___   ___
  |   | |   | |   |
  | 1 | | 2 | | 3 |
  |___| |___| |___|
   ___   ___   ___
  |   | |   | |   |
  | 4 | | 5 | | 6 |
  |___| |___| |___|
   ___   ___   ___
  |   | |   | |   |
  | 7 | | 8 | | 9 |
  |___| |___| |___|

If you input the code multiple times it will create odd patterns. I think you
can input the code in, in a different order and still work, but I haven't
tested this.

If I missed any secrets for this map, email me and you'll gain the credit.


7. - *Surfing FAQ*


A list of questions & answers you may want to know, or others have emailed me.

1.  Q. Why do people keep saying "F***ING BLOCKER!!" in chat on surf maps?
    A. They died because they ran into another player and lost all their speed
       and probably fell to their death. This is most common when there are
       many players in the game.

2.  Q. Why when I'm going nice and fast my screen jerks?
    A. This is what happens when you reach maximum velocity in the CSS world,
       be proud you got that speed as it's the fastest you can possibly go!
       When playing surf_leet_beta7x deathmatch for about an hour I managed
       to stay at top speed all the way through! (Think I'm the only one who's
       done that so far) :))

3.  Q. Why don't rifles or most of the guns work while I'm surfing?
    A. If you were sliding along a wall do you think you could shoot
       accurately? You probably couldn't even hold the gun correctly!

4.  Q. Can you give me a list of some *decent* surf servers?
    A. No, I'm not giving out any IP addresses of servers because the fact is
       there isn't any *great* surf servers, why? Because they either have
       poor maps, lag, too many admins, no admins, insecure (no VAC), abusive
       admins, annoying sounds, no votekick/voteban enabled etc.
       I'm not naming any servers in particular as every server has their

       Visit, choose Counter Strike: Source then type surf
       in By Map: filter.

       I recommend only going on servers that are on the same continent as you,
       as there's a big difference between surfing with 120 ping and 80 ping.

       The only surf server I currently recommend is the following:
       -)RR(- Euro Surf Maps ONLY Tickrate 66 Fast D/L
       A Netherlands based server, ideal for European players. It appears to
       lag now due to too many players, but is still a good surf server.

5.  Q. How do I find servers which are playing surf_ maps?
    A. In the servers list, click [Change Filters] button, add surf_ to the Map
       filter. Easy.

6.  Q. What's that physics stat that has to be changed to allow you to surf?
    A. sv_airaccelerate 100 - needs to be on all maps/servers which are playing
       a surf map. Most servers have this higher, 100 is for competitive

7.  Q. Which is the hardest surf map? (on sv_airaccelerate 100)
    A. surf_spectacular_b3 (including the end tower) and yes, this map IS
       possible believe it or not.
       surf_grassland also requires a certain type of skill to complete.
       surf_gauntlet is also a goliath challenge for anyone crazy enough to
       attempt it.

8.  Q. How do people keep typing I HATE BLOCKERS and stuff like that in weird
       letters so quickly and stuff?
    A. in console type bind "F1" "say DAMN BLOCKERS!"
       then press F1, you'll get the idea.

10. Q. How long have you been surfing on Counter Strike: Source?
    A. I started surfing when surf_leet was the only surf map around.
       Which was some time around February 2005.

11. Q. Why does my screen suddenly jerk and I lose control and die?
    A. Lag, due to bad internet connection or bad server. Choose another server
       with a lower latency. Also type cl_cmdrate 100 into console.

12. Q. I want to practice on my own and walk around in the hidden spots of surf
       maps, how can I do this?
    A. Create your own server without bots using the "Create Server" button and
       type sv_cheats 1 into console, then type noclip into console. To return
       to normal mode just type noclip into console again.
       If your finding that you cant surf, type sv_airaccelerate 100 into your

13. Q. How do people have their pings around 1 to 20?
    A. Their rates have been set very low by putting cl_cmdrate 1 into console,
       this can sometimes cause lag problems and I don't recommend you do it.
       cl_cmdrate 100 is the default.

14. Q. What does "tickrate 100" mean on some servers?
    A. It's the rates the server uses, so if you join a server which has a tick
       rate of 50, you'd type cl_cmdrate 50 into console for minimum lag.
       cl_cmdrate 100 is the default.

15. Q. Why is everyone better than me at this? I'm so slow and keep dying!
    A. Most people have been playing a lot longer than you, so they know the
       maps and know where your likely to be.
       Remember, practice makes perfect!

16. Q. I want to put some surf maps on my server, where can I get them?
    A. Search the internet for them, here's a good site where you can download
       them. - or

17. Q. Why did you write this massive FAQ?
    A. Because:
       1. I love surfing
       2. For my own satisfaction
       3. There's too many newbies in surf games
       4. To promote surfing
       5. To try and get more people surfing

18. Q. Why do you spawn kill? I hate it and it wrecks the game!
    A: Simply to help win the round, and put your weapons you won from the
       previous round in to use. Sounds acceptable to me.

19. Q. Haha, surf maps suck I hate them! They're for losers like you!
    A. Most people (such as yourself) frown upon surfers because they simply
       can't get the hang of it themselves. When you get the hang of it you'll
       become addicted! Just keep trying and you'll get there!

20. Q. People keep reconnecting if they die really early, how do they do this
       so fast?
    A. Some people doing it manually by clicking disconnect then entering the
       server again.
       BUT! I recently found a quick way to do it, type retry in console and
       it will instantly reconnect you to the server.
       ALTERNATIVELY, you can type bind o "retry" in console and just press o
       when you want to reconnect.

21. Q. What should my latency in servers be for the best surfing possible?
    A. For the best surfing experience you'll need a ping BELOW 100, anything
       above a 100 is likely to cause you to slow down slightly, which makes
       all the difference.
       I recommend playing in a server close to where you live or in at least
       the same continent your in.

22. Q. What are the factors that affect your speed of surfing?
    A. 1. Any lag
       2. Server speed/spec
       3. Server tickrate
       4. Clients Frames Per Second (FPS)
       5. Players surfing talent :p
       6. Ramp build/complexion
       7. sv_airaccelerate value (higher = slightly faster/easier turning)
       8. sv_gravity value (higher = faster)

23. Q. Some of the tricks you say you can do are impossible!?
    A. Some of the tricks I've put in the guide are in this video:
       Otherwise you'll have to watch pro's do it.

24  Q. How many Counter-Strike: Source surf servers are there?
    A. Around 330 according to

25. Q. Are there any server mods that make surfing more fun?
    A. Currently there are none for CS:S. :(

26. Q. What servers do you play on?
       -)RR(- Euro Surf Maps ONLY Tickrate 66 Fast D/L

27. Q. If I see you in a game, how will I know if it's really you?
    A. I should have a good score, I might be spamming the mic with music.
       Other than that there's no other way to tell. Sometimes I'm on name YDN
       with other words/phrases afterwards.

28. Q. Who is the best surfer in CS:S?
    A. There is no true answer, but there are two types of surfers:
       I) The surfer who's prime objective is to kill the other team by any
          means necessary.
      II) The surfer who is more bothered about producing tricks such as
          surfing backwards, spins etc and trying to make people go "wow"!
       I am surfer I, objective is to win. But to be a good surfer I, you need
       the the basic skills of surfer II.

29. Q. Have you produced any surf maps?
    A. I made surf_pyramidduel, surf_pyramidduel2 and surf_pyramidduel_final
       It was a simple test and an exercise to learn hammer for myself, the map
       mostly consists of func_conveyor entity's.

30. Q. Can I have your STEAMID(s)/Steam Account Info for undisclosed purposes?
    A. No.

31. Q. What's this perfect ramp your trying to invent?
    A. Well, it's a perfect ramp! You can surf on it backwards or forwards,
       be able to surf up it if you get blocked, you can't die if you hit the
       edge. You can go very fast on it, be able to climb up any edge. It's
       nice and large so it's good for duelling on with shotguns.
       Is it possible? Don't know..

32. Q. Soooooo, how many people read this guide?
    A. It's had over 6000 unique hits since the start of 2006, this only
       applies to the guide on, more people have probably read it
       as this document is on many other sites.

33. Q. Hey my surf server is the best, can you put the IP in your guide please?
       Not without a *good* reason. This is a surf guide, not a server list.

34. Q. Can I put this guide on my website?
    A. See section 2. - *Copyright*.

35. Q. I wrote a guide for a popular surf map, will you put it in your guide?
    A. Yes, I will verify the content first, clean it up and reformat it.
       Please only submit guides written by you, you'll gain full $Credit.

36. Q. There's a link in your guide that doesn't work!
    A. Thanks, check your friends can't access it too encase it's a problem at
       your end, then I'll check the link myself and remove it in the next
       version and add your name in the Credits section.

37. Q. You missed an important strategy/secret in this map, will you put it in?
    A. Yes, be sure to say which name you want down that gets the credit.


8. - *Websites*


A list of websites related to surfing.
Also please note that some links may be broken/out of date.

                         # Surf Map Download Sources: #

       | |

  An extensive collection of surf maps for CS:S made by CS:S mappers/players.

                    | |

A large collection of surf maps, though it no longer appears to be updated.

 - I have removed the Wikipedia article as it appears to have been deleted.
For more information on why it's been deleted see:


9. - *Credits*


                     Me - For making such an awesome guide.
          Steam & VALVe - For making/distributing Counter Strike: Source.
        Surf Map Makers - For making great maps for the public! Keep it up!
          You & Surfers - For allowing me to kill you on the surf servers.
                  CJayC - For allowing it on :-)
       Lexxure Oblivion - Making nice guide on surf_spectacular_b3.
     Surf Server Owners - Without you, surfing wouldn't exist.

                 _____________________________    |\
                ( I'm a pr0 CS:S Surfer Dude! )   | |
                 ````````````\````````````````    |Y|
                              \                   |O|
                               \                  |U|
                                \   ))))))))      |R|
                                  ((((    \       | |
                                  \\\.=<#-<#      |D|
                                    \C     7      |I|
                      ,              \    -)      |S|
                      \\__         __.) (.__      |G|
                       \\\\ _    /'         `\    |R|
                        \_ '/   /  ,       .  \   |U|
                          \ \  /  /| '   ' |\  \  |N|
                           \ \/  / |       | \  \ |T|
                            \  /'  |       |  `\ \|L|
                             `'    |       |    \ |E|
                                   |   .   |     \|D|
                                   >-------<      | |\
                                  [~~~~~~~~~]     |N| )
                                  [    L    ]     |E\/
                                  [    |    ]     |I|
                                  [____|____]     |G|
                                   | /   \ |      |H|
                                   ()     ()      |B|
                                   ||     ||      |O|-._
                                   ||     ||      |U|_  `.
                              jgs  )(     )(      |R| `-. `.
                                  /==\   /==\     | |    `.;
                                 ooooO} {Ooooo    | |      `
                                 ~^^^~   ~^^^~    |/
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