Система начисления очков

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Внимание, это относительно старая система начисления очков, не стоит особенно доверять ей


Threat/Worth System

The target’s rating is a derivation of a target’s designated threat priority (listed below), and a calculated worth value, (which is calculated based on kills, deaths, and overall score, as compared to an average player in the game).

The lower the threat rating of an attacker, and the higher the threat rating of the attacked, then the higher the kill bonus will be.

The current threat hierarchy has been presented below (in descending order, starting from the greatest threat):

  1. Fixed-wing aircraft
  2. Armored vehicles
  3. Helicopters
  4. Commanders
  5. Squad Leaders
  6. Transport vehicles
  7. Snipers
  8. Air defense installations
  9. Artillery pieces
  10. Ground defense installations
  11. Parachutists (Airborne units)
  12. Typical soldiers

The scores for each ascending threat are cumulative, as they build upon the point value of the previous.

Different types of vehicles (and now kits) give you more or less points. It's the vehicle/kit worth. But also players have different threat levels. One very experienced player can be a threat to you, but a new guy with a 0/8 K/D ratio is not as much. If you kill another player that is doing better than you in points/kills/deaths, you will get bonuses.

Another change is that if you destroy an enemy empty vehicle, you will receive the vehicle worth in points (tanks worth 40 points for example). If there are players inside, it adds the threat and the worth of each player in relation to you as well.

This also includes the new commander assets like bunkers, firebases and command posts. Destroying these can give you good amount of points.

If you kill a tank with another tank, you wont get too many threat points, because you are equal to him. But if you are an engineer, with a worth of zero, you will get a big bonus destroying a tank with a mine or C4. Tanks killing infantry wont get much threat points, unless the kit is an AT kit that is a threat to him.

Bear in mind that teamkilling vehicles, even empty ones, will give you big negative scores. Destroying a friendly tank will give you -40 points plus the team vehicle damage and team vehicle destroyed negative points. Most servers could get you kicked for that (I recommend servers update the negative score kick to a lower number, -60, -100 or something).

Losing worthy vehicles will also give you negative points. You have to be careful with your worthy assets like heavy vehicles or even important kits like HAT, sniper, officer, etc.

By the end of the round, the higher the K/D ratio, you get a bigger bonus for staying alive.

Teamwork Points

  • Healing, reviving, repairing, rearming gives you more points than before (sometimes even more points than killing an enemy soldier)
  • Driving can really give you a lot of teamwork points. It was updated so it would give you points even if you leave the vehicle before the passengers (in 0.6 it would only give you when the passengers left the vehicle with you inside)
  • Close-by squad members bonus - If you make any kind of score, squad members 50m close will receive 25% of that score for assisting you.
  • Close-by Squad Leader or Commander bonus - If you make any kind of score and have your Squad Leader 50m close, you will receive a 25% bonus. The same if you are 50m close to the Commander. So if you are close to both, you will receive a 50% bonus.
  • Squad cohesion bonus - If you make any kind of score and have your Squad Leader 50m close, he will receive 25% because of #6, but he also will receive 25% more for having his squad member close to him. Basically squad leaders will get a lot of points just for keeping his squad together (and alive). Commander will also receive points for being close to squad members that make any kind of points. This encourages commanders to stay close to the troops to build and defend assets.

Capture, Neutralize and Defense Points

  • When you capture or neutralize a CP, you gain a fixed number of points. But when defending a CP, each kill you make in a 100m radius of a CP (either you or the enemy being 100m close to the CP) will give you bonus points. So defending will give you much more points than attacking.
  • Like the control point defense, if you kill an enemy 100m close to a friendly Bunker, Firebase or weapon cache (as insurgent in Insurgency), it will give you a bonus for each kill.

Other Scoring Changes

  • Snipers receive bonuses based on the distance that the kill was made, with the specifics listed below:
    • 50m = 50%
    • 100m = 100%
    • 150m = 150%
    • 200m = 200%
    • 250m = 250%
      • Note – Bonuses will continue to stack by 50% for every additional 50 meters added to the kill range.
  • The crew of a vehicle now share the points, no longer will the gunner get all the points leaving the driver with none. If you make any kind of score while in a vehicle, any other squad mate in that vehicle will receive the same amount of points.
  • No longer get penalized for destroying friendly vehicle wrecks. You will still will get the hud messages "team vehicle damage" but no negative points will be given.
  • No longer get penalized for destroying friendly Commander Assets.This can be seen as a negative thing, and I guess smacktards can destroy them without inpunity. But when you are trying to help the commander, and he needs to destroy an old bunker to build a new one in a better position, you won't get negative points for destroying them.
  • Destruction by the use of a remote controlled weapon. 12 points
  • Killing another player. 4 points
  • Reviving another player. 4 points
  • Receiving a driver kill assist. 2 points
  • A kill assist where you target the victim. 2 points
  • A typical kill assist. 2 points
  • A kill assist when you are in the passenger seat. 1 point
  • Team vehicle damage. -1 point
  • A team-kill by artillery. -1 point
  • Team damage. -2 points
  • A suicide. -2 points
  • A team-kill. -8 points
  • Penalties are not shared to teammates.
  • Commanders cannot score from ordinary soldier activities, but rather through commander-exclusive tasks. However, the rewards for these tasks are great.
  • At the end of the round, players will be rewarded based upon their survival rating. The more enemies that were killed, and the less deaths you sustain, the higher your bonus. Victim bonuses vary according to the mode in which they died.
  • Team-killing an objective in the ‘Extraction’ or ‘Objective’ game modes will result in a -25 point penalty.
  • Flag Capture - 16 Points
  • Neutralize Flag - 8 Points
  • Flag Capture Assist - 8 Points
  • Neutralize Assist - 4 Points
  • Flag Defense - 8 Points
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