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Сетевая игра

Собственно основная соль Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe заключается именно в возможности играть с другими игроками по локальной сети и через Internet.

У нас запущены два сервера:

  • otstrel.ru OpenTTD Public #1 (ottd.otstrel.ru:3979)
  • otstrel.ru OpenTTD Public #2 (ottd.otstrel.ru:3980)
  • otstrel.ru OpenTTD Public #3 (ottd.otstrel.ru:3981)

Версия серверов 0.5.0 и соответственно клиент для игры на них тоже нужен версии 0.5.0, скачать его можно здесь,

  • Для запуска сетевой игры нажмите кнопку Сетевая игра в главном меню игры


  • В появившемся окне выберите соединение Интернет и нажмите кнопку Обновить
  • В списке серверов выберите нужный сервер и нажмите Присоединиться


The server list on the left shows the following information:

  • Name: Server name, or just the IP if there is a connection problem.
  • Clients: Number of clients and companies in the game out of the total possible number.
  • Lock icon: The server is private and protected with a password.
  • Green/Orange/Red dot: Server compatibility with your OpenTTD version or your NewGRFs.
  • Little flag: The nationality of that server.

Entering the game

In the next screen you will see a detailed list of who is already in the game, and several options on how to join the game.

Join multiplayer game
Join multiplayer game
  • Click "New company" to start playing from scratch, OR
  • Select a company without a lock icon and click "Join company" to play for that company, OR
  • Click "Watch Game" to enter the game as a spectator.

The company list on the left shows the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Lock Icon: The company is private and protected with a password.
  • Red/Green Light: Shows if there is still a connected client playing for that company.


Once you are in the game, gameplay is the same with a few extra features.


3. The Chat Display Area
3. The Chat Display Area
  • Start chatting by pressing Enter. A text entry window will open above the status bar.
  • Change who you talk to by using the client list; see below.
  • Chat and connection messages display in the bottom left of the screen. Players text is the color of their company. Spectators' text is gray.
  • Open the console to see message history.
  • SHIFT+ENTER (SHIFT+T) sends a message to all players, CTRL+ENTER (CTRL+T) sends a message to all team mates and ENTER (T) is customizable

Client list

The client list
The client list
  • Open the company list Изображение:Manual html 12e20f5b.png menu and click "Client list" to see which clients are connected and what company they are playing for.
  • Click on a client to open another menu with the following options:
  • Private Message: Send a chat message to only the selected client.
  • Speak to company: Send a chat message to everyone in the selected client's company.
  • Speak to all: Send a chat message to everyone.
  • Give money: Give up to £20,000,000 to the selected client.

The client list also tells who the server is. If the server has a name next to it, that person is running a listen server. If the server has no name to it, then it is a dedicated server.

Company password

Enter your password here
Enter your password here
  • To prevent unwanted clients from joining your company, click the company list button and then the password button. Enter your password here.
  • To remove your password, set the password to nothing.
  • You have to set your password on every server.


OpenTTD developers are currently working on improving multiplayer gameplay. Upcoming features:

  • Increase max companies to 16
  • Allow AI competitors
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