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PrePOD entered chat room 'Unofficial Chatter': Чт, янв 24 00:56:28 2008

[00:56] <The room title is now "Unofficial Chatter">

[00:56] <Your current permission level for this room is "Normal">

[00:56] <This room has been flagged "persistent" and may be accessed through your "Servers" tab>

[00:56] <Today's Message: "This room is for unofficial chatter and will not be monitored by Xfire staff. Feel free to discuss anything you want and be nice to each other. ;-)">

[00:56] MoW|Death6: hello guys

[00:56] NOCLAN flesh-eating-zombi: blip2 i was in BH but i got kicked out xD

[00:56] =SD= DIrector: hi

[00:56] Irichanu: How many invites are there?

[00:56] 628sam: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

[00:56] [PR]NATO|WNxCareBear: hey guys =D

[00:56] [R-CON]DesertFox: Long time no see :)

[00:56] naosednax: Its tactical sootan time

[00:56] <IrOnTaXi (irontaxi) (Normal) has entered the room>

[00:56] [R-Dev]Jaymz: luuuuulz

[00:56] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: Hello @ alll ^^

[00:56] :: McGucks ::: hello

[00:56] thepositive: Seriously stop spamming guys..

[00:56] RKO: everyones just excited cus we're meeting the king of mod teams.

[00:56] [R-DEV]Dr Rank: yup! how's tricks?

[00:56] [Xfire] Chatteox: Hey everyone. The chat will start in about 4 minutes. :-D

[00:56] <AfterDune (afterdune) (Normal) has entered the room>

[00:56] [R-DEV]2Slick4U: hello all

[00:56] <[Xfire] SDaria (stanfordsdaria) (Normal) has entered the room>

[00:56] deepsix501: Thanks for the Picard post Jaymz lol

[00:56] [R-CON]DesertFox: Its the irishman from doooblin run!

[00:56] Katarn: helllooo

[00:56] [R-Dev]Jaymz: YW!!!

[00:56] IrOnTaXi: howdy

[00:56] [R-Dev]Jaymz: =)

[00:57] ~)BH(~blip2: i presume there will be logs posted up at some point?

[00:57] deepsix501: I cried this morning

[00:57] [Xfire] Chatteox: Yes

[00:57] [R-DEV]Rhino: ye

[00:57] deepsix501: laughing so hard

[00:57] [R-CON]DesertFox: Katarn, hows the c7 coming?

[00:57] ~)BH(~blip2: coolio

[00:57] :: McGucks ::: wots wrong with the irish! :P

[00:57] [R-Dev]Jaymz: hehehee

[00:57] MoW|Death6: Helllo Pr

[00:57] MoW|Death6: gД±us

[00:57] RKO: Potatoes anyone?

[00:57] =SD= DIrector: omg i just heard of the best munever. its the S.E.X.i. munever

[00:57] <MoZo1 (mozo1) (Normal) has entered the room>

[00:57] Syber_Sid: lol

[00:57] MoW|Death6: :)

[00:57] [R-Dev]Jaymz: oh god......

[00:57] <[Xfire] Jubjub (breadie) (Moderator) has entered the room>

[00:57] [R-DEV]Rhino: hows eve DF? :p

[00:57] [R-CON]DesertFox: awesome =D

[00:57] Syber_Sid: irish jokes, anyone?

[00:57] -<TFO>- ߺ±S/Lìnk§âhañrí™: wow i cant read all this text so fast lolz

[00:57] [R-CON]DesertFox: Im in a battlecruiser out in 0.0 pwning teh nub's

[00:57] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: same xD

[00:57] PrePOD: hi all

[00:57] deepsix501: stretch the box

[00:57] deepsix501: makes it easier to read

[00:57] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: uh its like an M1A2 Abram

[00:57] NOCLAN flesh-eating-zombi: my box fills the scren lol

[00:58] RKO: Eve is gunna be on steam in Feb, everyone gets a 21 day free trial.

[00:58] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: quick and hard :O

[00:58] deepsix501: thats what she said

[00:58] ~)BH(~blip2: chat is in 1 hour yes?

[00:58] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: now

[00:58] :: McGucks ::: 5mins?

[00:58] thepositive: I just started downloading Project Reality.. ITS GANNA BE SICK!

[00:58] ~)BH(~blip2: :o

[00:58] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: :O

[00:58] ~)BH(~blip2: ;o

[00:58] [R-DEV]Rhino: :o

[00:58] naosednax: ?

[00:58] SwVoip Killa (Spaz): :O

[00:58] :: McGucks ::: its worth it 'thepostive', im tellin ya :)

[00:58] MoW|Death6: i got this intresting problem that still continues

[00:58] Syber_Sid: PR = awesome

[00:58] [PR]NATO|WNxCareBear: only just

[00:58] RKO: Positive, its already sick.

[00:58] deepsix501: We have roughly one hour to pester the Developers about fastroping and Spec ops

[00:58] Irichanu: 45 ppl here

[00:58] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: PR 0.7 is the must-have for every computer

[00:58] 628sam: *cough*

[00:58] <FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD (lilbond) (Normal) has entered the room>

[00:58] NOCLAN flesh-eating-zombi: im downloadin it at midnight

[00:58] <82nd-Lt-Joe (29thwaffensspilot) (Normal) has entered the room>

[00:58] Irichanu: if i counted right

[00:58] thepositive: I got bored of Sandbox...

[00:58] <О»ОјО№ПѓПЊ-О¶П‰О®2О» (coke) (dietpepsitm) (Normal) has entered the room>

[00:58] heidrick: stop the sucking up

[00:58] MoW|Death6: screen freezes and keyboard and mouse doesnt move but the game continues

[00:58] -<TFO>- ߺ±S/Lìnk§âhañrí™: im glad my comp can even handle PR

[00:59] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: hey ppl

[00:59] Syber_Sid: *suck*

[00:59] О»ОјО№ПѓПЊ-О¶П‰О®2О» (coke): yo

[00:59] <[Xfire] Klaak (bobafett573) (Normal) has entered the room>

[00:59] <[R-MOD]Dunehunter (dunehunter) (Normal) has entered the room>

[00:59] <TroyMcClure_ITA (troylube) (Normal) has entered the room>

[00:59] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: the question room!

[00:59] [PR]NATO|WNxCareBear: spam!

[00:59] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: hi guys

[00:59] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: no spamming

[00:59] ~)BH(~blip2: lol

[00:59] 628sam: i got 2 rooms

[00:59] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: take that to the spam thread

[00:59] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: oh no dune ;)

[00:59] [PR]NATO|WNxCareBear: :(

[00:59] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: I will remember names ;)

[00:59] SwVoip Killa (Spaz): Nice one for spam and one for.... Well questions about fast rope

[00:59] <Amedias (captaincare) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:00] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: central command!

[01:00] 628sam: i have 3 now? wtf

[01:00] deepsix501: Read the email

[01:00] Syber_Sid: huzzah

[01:00] RustyBandSaw: did you read the e-mail?

[01:00] :: McGucks ::: read the rules and the email guys

[01:00] deepsix501: This is for chatter

[01:00] TroyMcClure_ITA: sure

[01:00] :: McGucks ::: tells you everything you need to know

[01:00] thepositive: why did we get invited to 3 different chat rooms?

[01:00] deepsix501: the questions is for questions and the devs talk in the other

[01:00] -<TFO>- ߺ±S/Lìnk§âhañrí™: 3 xfire windows, my comp is lagging lol

[01:00] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: :O

[01:00] :: McGucks ::: lol

[01:01] [R-DEV]Rhino: lol

[01:01] [PR]NATO|WNxCareBear: get a decent comp

[01:01] [PR]NATO|WNxCareBear: :P

[01:01] -<TFO>- ߺ±S/Lìnk§âhañrí™: no cash

[01:01] -<TFO>- ߺ±S/Lìnk§âhañrí™: no job either

[01:01] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: My laptop sucks

[01:01] <Dark Chili (darkchili) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:01] [PR]NATO|WNxCareBear: defrag and completly reinstall ur hardisk

[01:01] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: 400 mb ram + vista :/

[01:01] <LoneMedic (lonemedic) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:01] <bobafett573 ([Xfire] Klaak) is now a member of group Moderator>

[01:01] Dark Chili: hey, what is this event for again?

[01:01] Syber_Sid: ouch

[01:01] <stanfordsdaria ([Xfire] SDaria) is now a member of group Moderator>

[01:01] <Riobux (lostchances) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:01] <[TTHS]Lunarbunny (lunarbunny) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:01] <Celeste (mewi) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:01] <-[aBn].Quik^ (quiksilver13) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:01] <Bangbяos|Ҳтяємє (mgcpixelcmo) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:01] -<TFO>- ߺ±S/Lìnk§âhañrí™: i dun it 8 tymes past 6 months

[01:01] <!в„ўмњЈГ¶ MВЄВ§Ш¦AВўВ®Оµ Г¶мњЈв„ў!@Herow (lostprodigy) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:01] Syber_Sid: -_-

[01:01] <*2399*KhMeR_@$$@$$in (khmersnipa) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:01] Celeste: Hmm did I miss an announcement?

[01:01] [Xfire] Klaak: BF2 mod

[01:01] <Mr.Pickles{EgC} (thepigsmustdie) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:01] TroyMcClure_ITA: where's my free beer?

[01:01] Riobux: Yes you did Celeste.

[01:01] MoW|Death6: :D

[01:02] Mr.Pickles{EgC}: what is these invites for?

[01:02] Celeste: What are we talking about this time?

[01:02] Celeste: XD

[01:02] Amedias: lot to keep up watching 3 xfire windows scroll

[01:02] thepositive: Please someone explain to me why there are 3 different chat rooms?

[01:02] deepsix501: Read your email

[01:02] Irichanu: Can we invite our friends here too?

[01:02] thepositive: i did

[01:02] Syber_Sid: to keep chat separate

[01:02] Riobux: No idea.

[01:02] Syber_Sid: duh

[01:02] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: nope

[01:02] TroyMcClure_ITA: discussing about the world and stuff

[01:02] Riobux: What are we talking about?

[01:02] deepsix501: re-read your email then

[01:02] Riobux: Besides the meaning of life.

[01:02] <[Xfire] Kumbol (kumbol) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:02] thepositive: Ah ok...

[01:02] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: Why did you sign up if you don't know what this is about?

[01:02] thepositive: i read it

[01:02] Mr.Pickles{EgC}: guess I got invited due to the fact that I am in the two handed sword

[01:02] <ОЈв„“ ДћО№РјПЃПѓ (gimpychaos) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:03] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: yeah same here pickles

[01:03] Syber_Sid: hey PR team

[01:03] deepsix501: Are we allowed to ask the DEVs about philosophical themes? Such as the meaning of life or the existance of absolute truth?

[01:03] <BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th] (sefclhellboy) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:03] * ~)BH(~blip2 applauds

[01:03] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: sup

[01:03] Nevil: http://www.realitymod.com/ <= for those that do not know what it will be about, lol

[01:03] MoW|Death6: lol

[01:03] MoW|Death6: omg

[01:03] MoW|Death6: hahaha

[01:03] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: lol

[01:03] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: you can try but it'll probably annoy the moderators

[01:03] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: lots of pplz..

[01:03] deepsix501: Unleash the question hounds!

[01:04] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: i have a question

[01:04] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: bloody hell

[01:04] TroyMcClure_ITA: food and beer here, questions in the other channel

[01:04] <mclazyj (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:04] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: the questions are going to be hard to follow

[01:04] Mr.Pickles{EgC}: dang I am leaving due to the fact i don't play BF2 anymore

[01:04] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: so hard to watch 3 screens at once :/

[01:04] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: minimize

[01:04] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: yea

[01:04] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: and drag them next to each other

[01:04] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: oh yes one of my questions!

[01:04] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: the project reality guys...r they same guys who made realism mod for 1942?

[01:05] Mr.Pickles{EgC}: try having IMing going on too

[01:05] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: desert cobmat realism

[01:05] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: I need to stop poking around in Java and start doing some languages that actually matter in the game world

[01:05] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: lol

[01:05] TroyMcClure_ITA: well, I have 3 monitors, one channel each

[01:05] MoW|Death6: noclan wanted to ask the same question with the convince lol

[01:05] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: learn python

[01:05] deepsix501: Yikes, the R-MODS are here, run for your lives

[01:05] ~)BH(~blip2: nice one death6

[01:05] Mr.Pickles{EgC}: I got two monitors

[01:05] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: GET IN TEH BUNKERZ

[01:05] <[PR]CATA|BloodBane611 (prbloodbane611) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:05] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: o.0'

[01:05] <[TTHS]82nd-CPL-MMOAddict (huntaforlife) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:05] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: guys

[01:05] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: what's up with asking questions that are answered on the forums?

[01:05] [PR]NATO|WNxCareBear: yes?

[01:06] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: lol

[01:06] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: there's a thread about the F-22 already

[01:06] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: are the PR sounds for BF2 better than they were for JO?

[01:06] Irichanu: Man i have to watch 3 chat rooms

[01:06] TroyMcClure_ITA: but here is in real time

[01:06] Katarn: we did not make the reality mod for JO

[01:06] Irichanu: need 3 screens =P

[01:06] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: ah rgr

[01:06] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: JO they sounded canned

[01:06] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: irichanu, make them smaller

[01:06] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: then drag them next to each other

[01:06] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: I even have space left to chat on msn

[01:06] ~)BH(~blip2: i got 3 spanning my desktop :D

[01:06] ~)BH(~blip2: would be awesome with dual screen

[01:06] Irichanu: i did that but its hard to look at 3 directions

[01:06] <=RH= Redlazer (redlazer64) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:06] * [R-MOD]Dunehunter cries at the stupid questions

[01:07] Irichanu: dont you thinks? =P

[01:07] Celeste: Unfortunately I do not play first person shooters... I doubt this can apply to me, so I feel I cannot really contribute to this conversation :(

[01:07] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: any1 here have battlefield 1942?

[01:07] 82nd-Lt-Joe: yes, havent played it in over a year

[01:07] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: 82???

[01:07] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: numbnuts 82 off vietnam?

[01:07] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: ooh

[01:07] Nevil: About other armies... I know about Russian and Polish Projects for example, so there probably will be more. ;P

[01:07] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: an Osring

[01:07] Wraith: its spelled osprey

[01:07] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: does anyone know what that is?

[01:08] Wraith: the v-22 ospery

[01:08] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: go to tools->options->chat and change font size to small, so u can see more of the chat without making the chat box larger

[01:08] 82nd-Lt-Joe: no lol 82 for BF2

[01:08] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: just a suggestion :D

[01:08] Wraith: sup bond

[01:08] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: yeah, I know, was just joking

[01:08] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: o

[01:08] ~)BH(~blip2: RKO- tried frontlines?

[01:08] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: y quit 1942?

[01:08] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: it pwns

[01:08] ~)BH(~blip2: its similarish

[01:08] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: desewret combat final extended mod

[01:08] Syber_Sid: it's old

[01:08] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: I'm waiting for my new 8800 to show up to play any of my heavy on the graphics games again. Sent my 8800GTS in for the new revision

[01:08] 82nd-Lt-Joe: cause i have WWIIOL and ArmA which are 100 times better :P

[01:08] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: forgotten hope secret wepons mod is pwnage

[01:08] <<!>Think^ (thinkingbuddy) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:08] Nevil: 1942 is too old, maaaan.... too old

[01:08] 82nd-Lt-Joe: exactly

[01:08] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: forgotten hope secret wepons is best mod ever

[01:08] Wraith: i play ArmA, it pwns

[01:09] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: super detailed

[01:09] 82nd-Lt-Joe: yea it does

[01:09] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: so I played DCON for a while but nobody plays DCON anymore

[01:09] 82nd-Lt-Joe: i love ArmA great gameplay and grafix

[01:09] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: how many play PR right now?

[01:09] BG.H£LLßØ¥[1st115th]: DCON?

[01:09] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: bloody hell, I wonder how they can find the good questions inbetween the other ones

[01:09] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: desert conflict

[01:09] Wraith: i love it, i just hope they fix some of the bugs

[01:09] 82nd-Lt-Joe: i play PR, except my bf2 is screwed and tried to say my key isnt valid

[01:09] 82nd-Lt-Joe: tries*

[01:10] 82nd-Lt-Joe: anyone here play WWII Online?

[01:10] ~)BH(~blip2: heh

[01:10] <[Xfire] Artaxs (artaxs) (Moderator) has entered the room>

[01:10] ~)BH(~blip2: PR + CoD4 would be awesome

[01:10] Syber_Sid: what's WW2OL like?

[01:10] ~)BH(~blip2: make bigger maps :P

[01:10] Irichanu: Sucks

[01:10] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: WWII Online was too slow for my liking

[01:10] 82nd-Lt-Joe: =0

[01:10] <eSportsTV | JustiN (tehdomo) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:10] <[HT]den48248 (den48248) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:10] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: cool, I asked a good one :p

[01:11] Irichanu: Buged like *****

[01:11] 82nd-Lt-Joe: best gameplay ever and the patch that came out today, just tried it, the sounds are more amaiznger

[01:11] TroyMcClure_ITA: it's the only one! :D

[01:11] MoW|Death6: guys

[01:11] <nXg // Viper (nosvip3r) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:11] <WNxChaosChief (nicksarnie) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:11] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: don't worry dunehunter, i'll plug your question for you

[01:11] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: saw that ty

[01:11] deepsix501: +3 for Dunehunter

[01:11] <[Xfire] Supercop007 (supercop007) (Moderator) has entered the room>

[01:12] TroyMcClure_ITA: +e^10 Dune

[01:12] RustyBandSaw: "will plug questions for squad invites"

[01:12] ~)BH(~blip2: coolio

[01:12] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: lol

[01:12] deepsix501: thats to much, dune cant have all the +'s

[01:12] MoW|Death6: cant we send our question a second time maybe they didnt saw it too much questions

[01:12] Wraith: wait, patch for what, pr, arma, or ww2ol

[01:12] MoW|Death6: :(

[01:12] 82nd-Lt-Joe: wwiiol

[01:12] Wraith: ah

[01:12] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: lol @ the fast roping question

[01:12] TroyMcClure_ITA: fastroping :/

[01:13] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: love it

[01:13] 82nd-Lt-Joe: and its pretty much lag free, the new cmapaign just vstarted and there were like 50 planes, no lag and like 30-40 fps

[01:13] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: hmpf

[01:13] TroyMcClure_ITA: lol thanks fuzzhead :D

[01:13] * [R-MOD]Dunehunter struggles to resist the urge to lock questions

[01:13] TroyMcClure_ITA: I was smiling while tiping that :P

[01:13] Wraith: couldnt resist the urge for that one

[01:13] 82nd-Lt-Joe: lol

[01:13] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: lol @ riobux the tools are there for a reason

[01:13] [PR]NATO|WNxCareBear: katarn has given the best answer so far :P

[01:14] <[PR]CATA|О¶e_DamneТ‘ (danerkebab) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:14] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: Leky, you should know better :p

[01:14] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: indeed

[01:14] * FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD gives Katarn a cookie

[01:14] <������! RaVeN.rcft (ravenrcft) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:14] nXg // Viper: sup

[01:14] deepsix501: Will long time players of PR, get "Fuzz-Bucks" to be used at the PR Merchandise shop?

[01:14] nXg // Viper: PR PWNS ALL

[01:14] Celeste: Sorry everyone I'll be taking my leave now, I'll be sure to join the next one if I can relate and contribute to the topic =3

[01:14] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: cya

[01:14] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: I'm seriously trying to control my sarcasm. These are some retarded questions

[01:14] Syber_Sid: bai

[01:14] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: lol

[01:15] ~)BH(~blip2: lol katarn - I would think the opposite - you're not earning them money and people arn't moving onto 2142 since PR is so awesome :P

[01:15] TroyMcClure_ITA: eheheh that's all fun :D

[01:15] Riobux: EA hates it when they don't get more money...

[01:15] ~)BH(~blip2: yes :P

[01:15] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: and so does every other company

[01:16] -<TFO>- ߺ±S/Lìnk§âhañrí™: ive been asking questions and so far none have been answered

[01:16] Riobux: Not as much as EA.

[01:16] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: ...

[01:16] Riobux: You can tell I'm not a big fan of EA...

[01:16] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: WTF is this new scenario mode? Frickin mysterious devs.....

[01:16] nXg // Viper: man wat upgrades do i need to run pr in high gfxs no lag i have a pentium 4 3.0 GHz, 1 gig of ddr 533, and onboard gfx

[01:16] nXg // Viper: im gettting a 8600 GTS

[01:16] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: A new comp

[01:17] nXg // Viper: will that help?

[01:17] J†w¡žžlè: yes

[01:17] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: lulz

[01:17] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: get a 3750

[01:17] LoneMedic: 8800 series card

[01:17] nXg // Viper: im kinda sick with ati

[01:17] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: i got 2x 3870 @ Corssfire at the moment

[01:17] nXg // Viper: :D

[01:17] nXg // Viper: thats nice

[01:17] J†w¡žžlè: he probably has a weak psu so those are n gos

[01:17] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: i got arround 60FPS @ Crysis

[01:17] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: Highest settings

[01:17] J†w¡žžlè: no gos*

[01:17] deepsix501: When will fastroping be implemented?

[01:17] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: Grpahic twaek

[01:17] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: DX10

[01:17] LoneMedic: i want fastroping

[01:17] nXg // Viper: i might gt 2 gigs of ddr 533

[01:17] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: When will we get nukes?

[01:17] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: My computer is ancient

[01:18] nXg // Viper: lol

[01:18] MoW|Death6: Д°m sad i hope they heard me about voip between squad leaders

[01:18] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: 3 years old

[01:18] nXg // Viper: so is mine

[01:18] * [R-MOD]Dunehunter prays for a yes

[01:18] MoW|Death6: they shall put it in

[01:18] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: MoW|Death6: Д°m sad i hope they heard me about voip between squad leaders <<< hardcoded <<< impossible

[01:18] nXg // Viper: dude i tried to mod bf2 and it didnt go to well lol

[01:18] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: lol dunehunter

[01:18] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: pentium 4 3.2 ghz single core, 1 gb ram, 400 gb hard drive, and ati radeon x600xt :(

[01:18] [PR]NATO|WNxCareBear: nice question dune :P

[01:18] [PR]CATA|Kravixon: hello ladies

[01:18] <SexyJames (sexyjames1337) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:18] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: worth a shot

[01:18] [PR]NATO|WNxCareBear: there like wtf on ts :P

[01:18] <=WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber (vampirehunter07) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:18] ~)BH(~blip2: too many questions!!!

[01:19] ~)BH(~blip2: :P

[01:19] thepositive: Anyone know what kind of prizes they are giving out?!!?!?!?!!

[01:19] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: lol

[01:19] <[R-DEV]M.J.Patterson (mjpatterson) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:19] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: cool prizes

[01:19] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: what happened to your question dune? I liked it

[01:19] [PR]NATO|WNxCareBear: repost it

[01:19] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: the first one? no response

[01:19] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: dunno whether I should try asking it again

[01:19] TroyMcClure_ITA: don't cheat in question room please

[01:20] [PR]NATO|WNxCareBear: there getttin overwhlemed

[01:20] 82nd-Lt-Joe: i'd like an AC-130 in the game :) plan on working in one in 2 years :D

[01:20] [PR]NATO|WNxCareBear: all i can hear is there bitchin on ts

[01:20] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: AC-130 in DCON was great

[01:20] J†w¡žžlè: lol

[01:20] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: so was the A-10

[01:20] 82nd-Lt-Joe: yea it was

[01:20] <Captain BlueJay (bluejay01) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:20] <[R-DEV]M.J.Patterson (mjpatterson) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:21] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: why the heck is 628sam asking about Soldier Front in this chat?

[01:21] LoneMedic: rofl @ sam

[01:21] Irichanu: Shited my pants when i heard that A-10 gun =S

[01:21] 82nd-Lt-Joe: lol idfk but its random

[01:21] [R-DEV]M.J.Patterson: ouch.. packet loss... did i answer your question alright deepsix?

[01:21] Syber_Sid: France army? And special game mode: surrender

[01:21] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: lol

[01:22] Irichanu: =D

[01:22] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: that's just mean....

[01:22] [PR]CATA|Kravixon: At least France can stand up to the evil power of Iran.

[01:22] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: but true :P

[01:22] TroyMcClure_ITA: ahahhaГ№

[01:22] Amedias: mean, but humorous

[01:22] deepsix501: Yes patterson, but can you go into more detail about the armor systems?

[01:22] MoW|Death6: no politics plz

[01:22] [PR]CATA|Kravixon: why

[01:22] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: lol

[01:22] ~)BH(~blip2: lolol

[01:22] [R-DEV]M.J.Patterson: sure ask it.

[01:22] [R-DEV]M.J.Patterson: again.. :P

[01:22] ~)BH(~blip2: thats where all these wacky ideas came from :P

[01:23] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: ugh somebody played too much America's Army

[01:23] 82nd-Lt-Joe: lol

[01:23] Katarn: mmmmm, hoookerrrrs

[01:23] ~)BH(~blip2: :P

[01:24] deepsix501: Awesome, thank you Rhino, I look forward to the new Muttrah

[01:24] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: hm

[01:24] ~)BH(~blip2: people are too busy typing questions to type in here :P

[01:24] 82nd-Lt-Joe: :D

[01:24] Irichanu: [R-DEV]2Slick4U: =RH= Redlazer: Do you make any money off of PR, or do you toil over modding the whole game for free? We do not make any profits. All donations we recieve pay for our webserver , etc. That and of course the hookers and blow for the Dev Team.

[01:24] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: if a question isn't answered, is it ok to ask it again a while later?

[01:24] Irichanu: =D

[01:24] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: yeah, we get the worn out hookers and meth

[01:24] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: is 628sam acting or is he really that stupid?

[01:24] Riobux: America's Army: Another Expansion Pack Of Properganda! "NOW YOU CAN SAVE CIVILIANS FROM OVER TURNED CARS!"

[01:24] ~)BH(~blip2: lol slick

[01:24] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: lol rio

[01:25] deepsix501: Excellent DB, I look forward to seeing what your coding and design geniuses can come up with

[01:25] deepsix501: you guys continualy amaze

[01:25] LoneMedic: does the chat end in 35 minutes?

[01:25] Syber_Sid: it does

[01:26] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: 34 minutes

[01:26] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: :p

[01:26] 82nd-Lt-Joe: =0

[01:26] ~)BH(~blip2: tooo many questions :P

[01:26] deepsix501: Thank you IronTaxi, your map Qwai River still continues to be my favorite

[01:26] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: thanks for the answer jaymz

[01:26] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: china likely "borrowed" a bit of that tech

[01:26] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: :p

[01:26] Syber_Sid: lol

[01:27] 82nd-Lt-Joe: lol\

[01:27] Syber_Sid: like everything else they have

[01:27] <[SAS]_Cdt_Chester (chester1993t) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:27] TroyMcClure_ITA: R-* answers to a R-* is cheating! :P

[01:27] ~)BH(~blip2: are caves even possible?

[01:27] ~)BH(~blip2: in a hillside*

[01:27] ~)BH(~blip2: i don't think you can disrupt terrain :/

[01:27] Riobux: Want to find out blip?

[01:27] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: probably not through terrain

[01:27] Riobux: Go to China, they have TOOOONS of space.

[01:27] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: only through clever use of static meshes is my guess

[01:27] ~)BH(~blip2: yeh

[01:28] =RH= Redlazer: Just so I can confirm, when people talk about BF3 they are actually talking about Battlefield: Bad Company?

[01:28] [Xfire] Supercop007: Eastern Russia has a lot of space as well.

[01:28] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: there is a cave on OGT

[01:28] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: probably

[01:28] Riobux: I'm presuming so.

[01:28] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: so yeah it's possible

[01:28] Katarn: Battlefield 3 is not Battlefield Bad Company

[01:28] ~)BH(~blip2: fortunatly

[01:28] LoneMedic: same and SF again :P

[01:28] 82nd-Lt-Joe: lol

[01:29] ~)BH(~blip2: though apparently bf2 is vista and dx10 only :/

[01:29] ~)BH(~blip2: bf3*

[01:29] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: then EA isn't getting my money

[01:29] Riobux: And if EA isn't being fed money, then the devil get's angry.

[01:29] deepsix501: Thank you Dr. Rank! Bi Ming is a very fresh map that breaks from the norm and I enjoy it very much

[01:29] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: lol

[01:30] ~)BH(~blip2: \o/ google

[01:30] deepsix501: Thats excellent DrRank, I like having a touch of realism in my maps

[01:30] Riobux: Wonder when they lose so much money, they are unable to buy souls to feed from so they start putting small bits in Terms And Conditions that they are allowed to consume the user's soul at any moment?

[01:30] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: Why does everyone bash EA? If you were a sales rep for them, you would do exactly the same thing that they did, which was make more money by putting ads ingame.

[01:31] =RH= Redlazer: hold on, so there is actually going to be a game calle "Battlefield 3"

[01:31] deepsix501: Haha, Jaymz, The internet is a very dangerous place too

[01:31] =RH= Redlazer: I thought that was Battlefield 2142 :|

[01:31] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: yea

[01:31] Syber_Sid: that's BD2.5

[01:31] Syber_Sid: *BF

[01:31] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: but also highway tampa

[01:31] Riobux: BonD, I wouldn't lose my head though.

[01:31] [R-DEV]M.J.Patterson: done

[01:31] Riobux: I'm a gamer, so I'd want to produce things for gamers.

[01:31] [R-DEV]M.J.Patterson: so many questions.. cant keep up.. aaaaah

[01:31] Riobux: I wouldn't want to ruin it all by creating poor games and letting people gobbling it all up.

[01:32] =RH= Redlazer: ...

[01:32] =RH= Redlazer: is there or is there not a game coming out called "Battlefield 3", and if so, where's a link :|

[01:32] Riobux: Think of George Foreman, I want to be so proud, I want to be able to put my name on it.

[01:32] Syber_Sid: lol

[01:32] ~)BH(~blip2: lol slick

[01:32] Captain BlueJay: there is...speculation

[01:32] ~)BH(~blip2: stop repeating questions

[01:32] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: the goal of a business is to make money, and by putting ads ingame, they are still giving gamers the same content, and they make more money.

[01:32] ~)BH(~blip2: without answers

[01:32] Riobux: Maybe so, but it isn't the only goal.

[01:33] SwVoip Killa (Spaz): @thepositive: Isen't there already a in-game friend list?

[01:33] Riobux: Look at the public sector for instance, they're hardly going for the whole "let's make as much money as possible".

[01:33] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: to be honest rank I thought it was still possible to gamma hack.

[01:33] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: db edited my question :|

[01:33] deepsix501: Thanks Patterson for expanding on my question. I look forward to tasty new Armor combat

[01:34] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: sweet, +1 for stabilization

[01:35] deepsix501: When can we expect maps with only Fastroping and Spec Ops kits? http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee67/rdevjaymz/lulz.jpg

[01:35] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: you're terrible riobux

[01:35] Riobux: Thank you :).

[01:35] Syber_Sid: lol

[01:35] J†w¡žžlè: haha

[01:35] ~)BH(~blip2: 628sam: how can a sniper miss when directly aimed?

[01:35] Syber_Sid: easily

[01:35] Irichanu: FUBAR

[01:35] ~)BH(~blip2: [SAS]_Cdt_Chester: Is there bullet drop in play when firing sniper rifles?

[01:35] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: that's because weapon sway cannot be added in

[01:35] 628sam: ~)BH(~blip2: 628sam: how can a sniper miss when directly aimed?

[01:35] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: so the deviation is used to represent it

[01:36] deepsix501: ^^ Locked. Please use the search function =P

[01:36] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: hmpf, yeah

[01:36] <[R-Dev]sofad (so7ad) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:36] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: can't go "SEARCH!" in the question room can I?

[01:36] * [TTHS]Lunarbunny madly presses ctrl+f

[01:36] deepsix501: lol

[01:37] deepsix501: You guys crack me up

[01:37] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: well, ya could.....

[01:37] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: no but you could read all the question one by one ;)

[01:37] [Xfire] Supercop007: You can always copy the text to notepad and search from there.

[01:37] Syber_Sid: 628, that's not rlly a valid question

[01:37] 628sam: ?

[01:37] 628sam: so what it still is one

[01:37] Syber_Sid: quite

[01:38] MoW|Death6: Guys i just wanted to ask how did you find Project Reality out?*

[01:38] ~)BH(~blip2: ><

[01:38] ~)BH(~blip2: clan

[01:38] ОЈв„“ ДћО№РјПЃПѓ: modjive

[01:38] :: McGucks ::: my clan :)

[01:38] [R-DEV]Dr Rank: SwVoip Killa (Spaz): Are you going to remove some of the trees on Bi ming. Right now its just to many to be realistic. You're a noob

[01:38] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: modjive ftw

[01:38] MoW|Death6: i did from youtube

[01:38] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: friends on another game

[01:38] Riobux: XFire.

[01:38] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: darkpowder and rando

[01:38] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: pczone

[01:38] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: I think

[01:38] deepsix501: Cool e-Gor, I can't imagine what a task it must be to assemble everyone from across the globe into making a cohesive product. You guys have it down to a science

[01:38] Riobux: I'm honestly playing along, I don't really know the game.

[01:38] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: It was a good while ago

[01:38] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: that's one thing that annoyed me in bf2 after playing joint operations

[01:38] deepsix501: http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee67/rdevjaymz/FFS.jpg

[01:39] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: I liked to be able to run to the armory and change my loadout

[01:39] ~)BH(~blip2: lol LilBonD :P

[01:39] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: irichanu, yes

[01:39] Irichanu: =P

[01:39] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: what i say?

[01:39] Irichanu: I have had almost wet dreams about shooting with M240B in PR =S

[01:39] deepsix501: thepositive, this isnt about the Xfire program

[01:39] Riobux: Wow Irich, you have a strange fettish...

[01:40] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: lol irontaxi

[01:40] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: yeah, I love the support guns now

[01:40] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: seeing some guy run across the street hudreds of meters away

[01:40] deepsix501: Agreed, They actualy SUPRESS! it's amazing

[01:40] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: then sending a rain of lead in his vague direction

[01:40] Irichanu: But you cant say M240B isnt beautifull gun!

[01:40] deepsix501: People actualy hide and take cover! it's great!

[01:40] TroyMcClure_ITA: thx Jay ;)

[01:40] Syber_Sid: rather than bunny hoping everywhere

[01:40] :: McGucks ::: [22:37] MoW|Death6: Will There Be Added Project Reality Д°con While Playing Pr on Xfire this is about questions to PR - that question relates to the xfire people :)

[01:41] Irichanu: Far more prettyer than that uggly M249 SAW :<

[01:41] <nXg // Viper (nosvip3r) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:41] Riobux: I don't know Irich...I look at real porn not gun magazines...

[01:41] Syber_Sid: *whistle* just look at the trigger guard on her *drool*

[01:41] [R-Dev]Jaymz: [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: Jaymz,why did you leave Ireland? :( Basically my family moved to the US and I tagged along. I'll be back in Dublin in a few months for a while. Let's grab a pint Leky =)

[01:41] Irichanu: Those shapes... Ok i have to stop

[01:41] Riobux: "Too many to count. Katarn wanted to include David Hasselhoff in the game......obviously we didn't let him. " OUT RAGE!

[01:42] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: dude irontaxi is hilarious

[01:42] 628sam: man sfront is so wierd i mean rlly there is health thays crazy!

[01:42] TroyMcClure_ITA: no more JL Picard gifs :D

[01:42] <LoneMedic (lonemedic) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:42] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: Where the crap do all these picard pics come from?

[01:42] deepsix501: you mean this? http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee67/rdevjaymz/lulz.jpg

[01:43] TroyMcClure_ITA: dunno, katarn's stuff

[01:43] Syber_Sid: just waiting for a goatse link

[01:43] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: up on the forums

[01:43] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: lol deepsix that's like the 5th time you posted that.

[01:43] ~)BH(~blip2: KATARN IS A TREKKY!

[01:43] ~)BH(~blip2: >_>

[01:43] TroyMcClure_ITA: wow Jay and sofad aswered :D

[01:43] naosednax: fucking candel lighters call me at this important hour

[01:43] thepositive: fgh

[01:43] deepsix501: yea, im using them as emoticons from now on

[01:43] Syber_Sid: D8

[01:43] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: lol six

[01:44] thepositive: I think i got blocked from asking questions... I cant ask any anymore..

[01:44] ~)BH(~blip2: lol

[01:44] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: go for it, they're way better. Besides, we don't have any dancing emoticons

[01:44] <((Fatal))((M)) (darwazeh91) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:44] Riobux: Aw damn.

[01:44] thepositive: Dude, there only answering the same people.

[01:44] Riobux: I've been muted in the question room.

[01:44] ~)BH(~blip2: heheh

[01:44] Irichanu: 0(

[01:44] ~)BH(~blip2: pwnt

[01:44] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: that's because of the questions you asked

[01:44] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: thats probably because those people ask questions that havent been answered on their forum

[01:44] Captain BlueJay: maybe because they are asking good questions?

[01:44] Nevil: lol?

[01:44] <nXg // Viper (nosvip3r) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:45] naosednax: lol

[01:45] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: ;) thx Jaymz

[01:45] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: alright, katarn is only answering the ridicuous questions

[01:45] naosednax: i already got 5 answers

[01:45] thepositive: Yes, but i have seen A LOT of good questions.. and there only going for a couple

[01:45] Irichanu: Those were very good questions my lord Dunehunter

[01:45] Riobux: Wait BonD, you're telling me they've been asking pretty...Off topic questions?

[01:45] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: new Armor combat??? :)

[01:45] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: im in xD

[01:45] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: use the search function and the already suggested suggestions thread please, kthxbai

[01:45] Riobux: On their forums?

[01:45] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: lol if I was coding I'd probably end up playing every 5 lines

[01:45] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: Riobux, i never said they were off-topic.

[01:45] nXg // Viper: wat server do u guys join? i want to play with you guys sometimes :p

[01:45] <BC4W-Freedomf63 (freedomf63) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:45] Riobux: I know, but I was.

[01:45] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: oh

[01:45] Riobux: Riobux: Do you drink? If so, have you ever gotten blind drunk at a bar? If so, did you wake up next to someone? If so, did she have a pair of balls? L-SGT Chris[EEF]: You guys know that you still develope a game but how far would you go inside the reality part?

((Fatal))((M)): what im lookin for is there any possibilty for communication between squad leaders ? Riobux: If so, did you enjoy the taste of ball sweat in your mouth and smile a little?

[01:46] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: well, the questions they are answering here are probably the ones that havent been answered already in the PR forum

[01:46] Irichanu: Soon this will end =(

[01:46] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: lol

[01:46] BC4W-Freedomf63: >.>?

[01:46] Riobux: That's probably why I got muted.

[01:46] BC4W-Freedomf63: wha-?

[01:46] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: lol

[01:46] MoW|Death6: fatalm good idead wanted to say the same guys isnt it a great idea for communication

[01:46] MoW|Death6: ---((Fatal))((M)): what im lookin for is there any possibilty for communication between squad leaders ?---

[01:47] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: not possible

[01:47] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: hard-coded, sorry

[01:47] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: how about this...

[01:47] deepsix501: This is a question for the Forum admin, is there any way we can get KATARN's avatar bigger? Possibly full screen?

[01:47] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: post your qestion here

[01:47] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: lol

[01:47] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: I know most of the common suggestions

[01:48] Riobux: Katarn: Riobux: Do you drink? If so, have you ever gotten blind drunk at a bar? If so, did you wake up next to someone? If so, did she have a pair of balls? All of the above is an affirmative.

[01:48] Riobux: At least I got my final question answered.

[01:48] [R-Dev]Jaymz: christ I want some tea

[01:48] [R-Dev]Jaymz: soo many questions

[01:48] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: hehe

[01:48] Irichanu: Bring me too

[01:48] Riobux: Well...Besides the last last question that was weird.

[01:48] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: weatabix is were it's at!

[01:48] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: I am so tempted to scream "SEARCH! Locked!"

[01:48] Irichanu: Send thro email

[01:48] [R-Dev]Jaymz: yeeeeeeaf

[01:48] deepsix501: Thanks Spearhead! I agree

[01:49] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: 1 cup of tea is about 500 megs

[01:49] deepsix501: lol Dunehunter

[01:49] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: lol slick. Katarn has the hottest mom ever

[01:49] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: it might take a while

[01:49] ~)BH(~blip2: loooooooool

[01:49] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: lol at Katarn's avatar answer

[01:49] MoW|Death6: lol

[01:49] TroyMcClure_ITA: eheheh

[01:49] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: anyway, I'm serious

[01:49] MoW|Death6: haha

[01:49] Irichanu: =D

[01:49] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: if you have a question, and you think it may have been asked before, shoot

[01:49] deepsix501: I can imagine Dune and the other R-MODs sweating and dying to hit the lock button

[01:49] Syber_Sid: liberating NK, lol

[01:49] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: I'll probably say hard-coded ;)

[01:49] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: I'm shaking already

[01:49] deepsix501: LOL 2slick -- thanks

[01:49] Syber_Sid: is ther e actually a BF3?

[01:50] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: there will be

[01:50] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: it has been announced, but as far as I am aware there are currently no plans to move to it

[01:50] deepsix501: So Katarn, we see the entire thing when we die? Is anyone willing to kill me now?

[01:50] <=WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber (vampirehunter07) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:50] ((Fatal))((M)): well ok but whats the pr future for it ?

[01:50] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: or to any other engine for that matter

[01:50] Syber_Sid: true, but I wondered if it was called BF3

[01:50] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: I think so

[01:50] ((Fatal))((M)): for the bf3

[01:50] Syber_Sid: tactical nukes, huzzah

[01:50] ~)BH(~blip2: lol

[01:50] ~)BH(~blip2: lvl3

[01:51] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: thanks e-gor

[01:51] Irichanu: Can you implent Howeringcatlerk from Natural Selection? :>

[01:51] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: we make a good team bloodbane ;)

[01:51] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: fatal, hardcoded

[01:51] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: and customized weaponry is too

[01:51] Syber_Sid: [R-Dev]Jaymz: [SAS]_Cdt_Chester: Will there every be a nuclear bomb similer to the JDAM but with more range and perhaps radiation left behind? There will be one in version 1.0. It will delete your installation when it goes off.

[01:51] ((Fatal))((M)): allright :)

[01:51] TroyMcClure_ITA: lol, nuclear bomb

[01:51] Syber_Sid: *wit*

[01:51] <Psym0nkey (buddh444) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:51] SwVoip Killa (Spaz): =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: they answerd that already

[01:51] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: lol

[01:51] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: for the love of all that is holy

[01:51] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: read this!

[01:51] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f18-pr-suggestions-feedback/18434-already-suggested-suggestions.html

[01:52] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: I wasn't here

[01:52] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: T_T

[01:52] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: ctrl-f your question

[01:52] Riobux: That is not holy.

[01:52] [R-Dev]Jaymz: Thanks dunehunter

[01:52] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: ahh dune.

[01:52] SwVoip Killa (Spaz): lol

[01:52] deepsix501: Steam is now shooting out of Dunehunter's ears

[01:52] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: a log will be available later

[01:52] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: not yet

[01:52] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: can anybody give me the answre to my question?

[01:52] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: I just want to help the devs

[01:52] Riobux: *Dunehunter's arse.

[01:52] <О»ОјО№ПѓПЊ-О¶П‰О®2О» (coke) (dietpepsitm) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:52] deepsix501: let us know when it does, and take pics

[01:52] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: amber, which question?

[01:52] [R-Dev]Jaymz: which one amber?

[01:52] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: Can we expect some rifles to be customized by the player? Such as SOP-MOD M4? I mean adding flashlights, for night maps, some custom sights as EOtech, acog, trijiflex and some things like vert-grip, ris, LAM (laser aiming module)?

[01:52] Syber_Sid: already answered

[01:52] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: no

[01:52] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: hard-coded

[01:52] Syber_Sid: he said he'd put in a good word for you

[01:52] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: or way too much work

[01:52] naosednax: dont ask that agian

[01:52] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: alright

[01:52] <[D] Dimitrov/Dim-Dot (singolo) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:52] <thepositive () is now a member of group Peon (Mute)>

[01:53] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: thanks

[01:53] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: do you mean on-the-fly modding?

[01:53] Riobux: Haha, fail.

[01:53] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: as in, changing in the spawn screen?

[01:53] [D] Dimitrov/Dim-Dot: good eveinig soldiers

[01:53] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: hello

[01:53] Riobux: You mean on-the-wall modding?

[01:53] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: there might be differences between the weapons for different maps, though that would probably take too much work

[01:53] Riobux: Or fly-on-the-wall...Or whatever...

[01:54] Irichanu: =D

[01:54] deepsix501: Thanks Patterson

[01:54] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: It's getting late :/

[01:54] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: I need sleep :(

[01:54] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: yeah, I'm going to go crash as soon as it's over

[01:54] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: after I scanned the forums for a sec

[01:54] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: ah

[01:55] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: searching for lockable threads?

[01:55] deepsix501: *snicker* as soon as he's gone lets post about weapon deviation and the mini map?

[01:55] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: there are more to take my place ;)

[01:55] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: and with obvious threads in existence for those

[01:55] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: I would be tempted to hand out a warning for opening a new one

[01:55] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: good night all!

[01:55] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: Thanks Devs

[01:55] Riobux: Bye.

[01:55] deepsix501: Night Leky, take care

[01:55] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: Xfire

[01:55] [PR]NATO|LekyIRL: and everyone else!

[01:55] Riobux: I'm going to head off as well.

[01:56] Riobux: Bye.

[01:56] Syber_Sid: bai

[01:56] TroyMcClure_ITA: bye

[01:56] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: It's done!?

[01:56] Irichanu: bye

[01:56] [Xfire] Supercop007: G'night

[01:56] SexyJames: hi guyz, looks like i got here just in time :|

[01:56] ~)BH(~blip2: lets post under a subtle topic name: "WE <3 Dunehunter" that should do it

[01:56] * FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD cries

[01:56] Riobux: Yes it has BonD.

[01:56] <Sabre (sabretoothtigger) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:56] Riobux: Bye.

[01:56] Irichanu: bye

[01:56] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: actually, no

[01:56] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: then I'd give a warning for the title

[01:56] ~)BH(~blip2: :P

[01:57] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: ooh rhino please....?!

[01:57] ~)BH(~blip2: chris - I would think that would have to be an external app :/

[01:57] [PR]CATA|BloodBane611: that's sounds awesome

[01:57] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: after that answer I suddenly want to shout "god save the queen!"

[01:57] [TTHS]Lunarbunny: :p

[01:57] Syber_Sid: lol

[01:57] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: link guy with the weird name

[01:57] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: no

[01:57] ~)BH(~blip2: canada lol :P

[01:58] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: amber

[01:58] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: depends on whether they're used

[01:59] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: yay

[01:59] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: xD

[01:59] Syber_Sid: I prefer smaller maps, where it's teamwork, 16v16

[01:59] <[Xfire-TTHS] Paddy (ragdollsuk) (Normal) has entered the room>

[01:59] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: I want a map in Mexico. xD

[01:59] deepsix501: This is a question more for the community: Who do you think is under the sock in Fuzzheads Avatar? Since we all agree that Fuzzhead is actualy the sock and not the guy. =)

[01:59] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: Salutations!!

[01:59] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: Hey

[01:59] Irichanu: I prefer big maps with teamwork and pwning

[01:59] TroyMcClure_ITA: hi!

[02:00] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: Im in a good mood

[02:00] TroyMcClure_ITA: ^^

[02:00] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: great :D

[02:00] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: im like God with an extra O

[02:00] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: same here :) final exams ended last week, and i kicked ass

[02:00] Syber_Sid: good?

[02:00] Syber_Sid: hmm

[02:00] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: Whats this chat suppose to be about

[02:00] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: yes im good :)

[02:00] Irichanu: But not good as i am :<

[02:01] LoneMedic: is the chat over now?

[02:01] [Xfire] Supercop007: Chat with the Project Reality Mod Team

[02:01] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: who?

[02:01] ~)BH(~blip2: lol

[02:01] :: McGucks ::: good answer e-Gor :)

[02:01] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: http://realitymod.com

[02:01] Irichanu: You mean The Gods?

[02:01] IrOnTaXi: Hey guys,,,thanks for all the questions...

[02:01] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: ty for link :)

[02:01] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: np

[02:01] TroyMcClure_ITA: thanks to you!

[02:01] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: is it a Bf2 mod?

[02:01] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: to anyone who got to know the mod this way

[02:01] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: yea

[02:01] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: yes, it s

[02:01] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: looks very similar

[02:01] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: before you ask something on the forums

[02:02] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: please make use of the search function and the "already suggested suggestions" thread

[02:02] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: thank you

[02:02] MoW|Death6: Pr gamers Did you liked Desert Storm Map?

[02:02] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: TBH i thaught Bf2 was realisitc anyway

[02:02] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: ...

[02:02] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: not in the least

[02:02] Irichanu: Dune, you should make tatoon of that in your forehead: "USE SEARCH"

[02:02] Captain BlueJay: not compared to what PR made it

[02:02] deepsix501: We cant convert all of them

[02:02] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: there are several people who are serving or have served advising the team

[02:03] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: so you can rest assured that PR far outdoes BF2 when it comes to realism

[02:03] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: very far

[02:03] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: irichanu, I already have something about reposting in my sig

[02:03] ((Fatal))((M)): hell ya !! rest assure man !

[02:03] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: I love the tank realism.

[02:04] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: just you wait until stabilization works ;)

[02:04] Syber_Sid: I have to go now

[02:04] Syber_Sid: ba

[02:04] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: cya

[02:04] Irichanu: see ya

[02:04] IrOnTaXi: see ya

[02:04] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: I was in a armor squad last week, and the guys were tactical, telling all the coordinates, snipers were in the mountains behind to say when tanks were coming it was awesome.

[02:05] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: yeah

[02:05] Irichanu: When is this going to end?

[02:05] ~)BH(~blip2: now :P

[02:05] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: the co-ordinates at the bottom really help"

[02:05] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: "AT, high, 130"

[02:05] MoW|Death6: R-DEVs thanks :)

[02:05] ~)BH(~blip2: thx sofad *sniff*

[02:05] ~)BH(~blip2: snow would be awesome though :P

[02:05] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: Is this MOD released yet?

[02:05] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: yes, it is

[02:05] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: yea

[02:05] fuzzhead: now go play some PR guys

[02:05] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: it as at .7 right now

[02:05] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: sorry first ive heard of it :)

[02:05] :: McGucks ::: yes

[02:05] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: spearhead

[02:06] deepsix501: Thanks DEVs!

[02:06] fuzzhead: www.realitymod.com paddy

[02:06] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: please mention that they should search

[02:06] naosednax: Thaniks guys

[02:06] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: Looked at the screen shots looks nice

[02:06] SwVoip Killa (Spaz): Thanks for taking your time for this devs :)

[02:06] IrOnTaXi: yeah GO PLAY!!!!!

[02:06] IrOnTaXi: THANKS!

[02:06] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: a dev, please?

[02:06] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: save my warn finger

[02:06] Irichanu: Nooo

[02:06] naosednax: now where is the raffle?

[02:06] MoW|Death6: Great Keep The Good Work!!!!!!!!

[02:06] Irichanu: I have to go sleep

[02:06] Irichanu: =/

[02:06] Irichanu: Man

[02:06] ~)BH(~blip2: thanks guys!

[02:06] deepsix501: Look out! The AWS is on a rampage!

[02:06] IrOnTaXi: and the winner is!

[02:06] ~)BH(~blip2: that was awesome

[02:06] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: down the hall and to the left is the raffle

[02:06] AsT_Marky_: TY DEVS FOR A GOOD CHAT

[02:06] IrOnTaXi: IRONTAXI!!!!!!!!!!!!

[02:06] [R-DEV]Dr Rank: cheers for coming lads, see ya online ;)

[02:06] Irichanu: I tough this is going to last for ever

[02:06] [R-DEV]Rhino: I object!

[02:06] [D] Dimitrov/Dim-Dot: Good job guys well done

[02:06] MoW|Death6: Great Kepp Good Work!!!

[02:07] Katarn: I WUB YOU GUYS

[02:07] AsT_Marky_: sound like you lot really have yer heeds screwed on

[02:07] IrOnTaXi: later

[02:07] deepsix501: Thanks for answering all my questions DEVs, you really went into detail on a lot of my questions. Thanks again

[02:07] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: i wub you too

[02:07] MoW|Death6: Pr is the best yeha!!! :D

[02:07] [R-Dev]Jaymz: <3333333333333333

[02:07] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: are the maps of PR bigger than normal BF2 maps

[02:07] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: Yeah thanks for answering my questions

[02:07] IrOnTaXi: im the best!

[02:07] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: pr = the sex. :D

[02:07] fuzzhead: cya in game guys

[02:07] Captain BlueJay: Much

[02:07] [R-DEV]Rhino: cya guys, thanks for turning up :)

[02:07] IrOnTaXi: much bigger

[02:07] IrOnTaXi: i rule!

[02:07] IrOnTaXi: katarn is the fool

[02:07] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: hmm ill download it ASAP

[02:07] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: remeber

[02:07] Katarn: oh irontaxi, it's on now

[02:07] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: get it naooooww!

[02:07] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: *remember

[02:07] [R-MOD]Dunehunter: you need both the core and the levels

[02:07] IrOnTaXi: dont be acow

[02:08] Irichanu: How will you announce winner?

[02:08] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: although im ashamed to say im a wow nerd :) so whenever im not raiding ill play

[02:08] dbzao: pardon Irontaxi, it's 6am right now for him...

[02:08] MoW|Death6: Prizes?

[02:08] MoW|Death6: :P

[02:08] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: i dont think there are prizes

[02:08] deepsix501: Prizes and Candy and Pizza and 5.56mm bullets!

[02:08] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: i want 7.62!!!!

[02:08] [R-DEV]Rhino: we will chuck out some sweets :p

[02:08] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: T_T

[02:08] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: no

[02:08] deepsix501: Already been suggested!

[02:08] Captain BlueJay: works for me, ammo is expensive

[02:08] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: just gie me the 50 cal

[02:08] deepsix501: =P

[02:08] Irichanu: I want 300mm Coast Defense cannon!

[02:08] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: sniper 7.62 ftw!

[02:08] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: lol

[02:09] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: My machete can beat you defense cannon

[02:09] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: a plastic gun can beat you

[02:09] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: BTW if anyone wants to add me to xfire friends list go for it ;) i fancy a chat every now and then

[02:09] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: i run really fast with it

[02:09] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: xD

[02:09] Irichanu: I will sink you before you can get close enough

[02:09] MoW|Death6: lol

[02:09] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: im unsinkable

[02:09] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: just like the titanic

[02:10] Irichanu: =D

[02:10] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: he will come in copter, lol. :D

[02:10] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: choppГЄr*

[02:10] Irichanu: I will hit you with barrel

[02:10] * FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD thinks of a witty and clever response

[02:10] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: I'll unleash the Cloverfield monster

[02:10] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: lol

[02:10] ((Fatal))((M)): hahaha

[02:10] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: AHHHHHHH !

[02:10] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: Run!

[02:10] <[Xfire] Chatteox (chatteox) has left the room>

[02:11] Irichanu: I will send them to space between universes

[02:11] Irichanu: Hell

[02:11] Irichanu: Cant just remember whats it called in Dr. Who <_<

[02:11] ~)BH(~blip2: admin has gone!

[02:11] ~)BH(~blip2: party time! :P

[02:11] =WFC=Rct.Sky | Amber: cya all

[02:11] Irichanu: bye

[02:11] ((Fatal))((M)): i would love to make new friend over PR so if anyone wants to add me plz do :D

[02:11] * FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD blasts rave music

[02:11] naosednax: laters

[02:12] [R-CON]DesertFox: whino, you still here?

[02:12] =RH= Redlazer: there gonna be any prizes? It says in the email :X

[02:12] deepsix501: lol

[02:12] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: lol

[02:12] * [R-DEV]Rhino is not hear

[02:12] naosednax: i wish i cluld play pr this week but my key board is mesed up

[02:12] [D] Dimitrov/Dim-Dot: common

[02:12] [D] Dimitrov/Dim-Dot: stop with this

[02:12] Irichanu: Me want candy

[02:12] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: Rhino is deaf *gasps*

[02:12] LoneMedic: where are the prizes?

[02:12] [D] Dimitrov/Dim-Dot: are you here for prizes or for the mod team

[02:12] MoW|Death6: lol

[02:12] [R-DEV]Rhino: lol [02:12] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: lol

[02:13] [R-CON]DesertFox: I stole ore from wraith's can lmao

[02:13] =RH= Redlazer: mod team, just wondering if I need to hang around longer for prizes?

[02:13] ~)BH(~blip2: mmm btter

[02:13] Irichanu: Its test

[02:13] deepsix501: Thanks for going into detail about my map question Rhino

[02:13] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: wtf who cares about the damn prize...

[02:13] Irichanu: i will idle and win! MUAHHAHAHAHAA

[02:13] =RH= Redlazer: lol

[02:13] naosednax: 6:00 pm: Chat will end, prizes will be raffled (you must be online to win)

[02:13] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: i wanted to chat with the devs -.-

[02:13] Amedias: your prize is the game that they brought to you, that should be enough of a prize

[02:13] heidrick: no kidding

[02:13] heidrick: Project Reality lets you escape from BF2 which lets you escape from real life

[02:14] Amedias: hours upon hours of work to benefit you, and yet people still want prizes

[02:14] Irichanu: Naah

[02:14] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: you're prize is eternal gratitude from the PR devs for attending this chat.

[02:14] Wraith: uhh dont you guys know that thats a generic email with a header attached.... some have prizes, some dont, and besides, talking to the dev team is a big enough prize for me

[02:14] Irichanu: I just want to see what it was

[02:14] =RH= Redlazer: w/e

[02:14] =RH= Redlazer: it doesn't say anything on the official page about prizes

[02:14] deepsix501: I thought our prize was a full hour to harass all the DEVs

[02:14] =RH= Redlazer: so...

[02:14] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: that too deepsix

[02:14] =RH= Redlazer: it was an intersting chat

[02:14] <thaddeus (sirdarien) (Normal) has entered the room>

[02:14] Wraith: i like deepsix's responce

[02:15] TroyMcClure_ITA: byez

[02:15] <О»ОјО№ПѓПЊ-О¶П‰О®2О» (coke) (dietpepsitm) (Normal) has entered the room>

[02:15] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: i dont even get any Autograph of fuzzhead... :(

[02:16] MoW|Death6: so the party is over??!?!?!?

[02:16] [R-DEV]Rhino: kinda :p

[02:16] deepsix501: lol Project Reality AFTER PARTY

[02:16] MoW|Death6: :)

[02:16] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: I'm not leavin till im heavin

[02:16] thaddeus: I guess so.

[02:16] MoW|Death6: :D

[02:16] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: i want some AutographВґs of the Dev team :(

[02:16] MoW|Death6: me too

[02:16] MoW|Death6: dude life importance is like

[02:16] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: You can have my Autograph :)

[02:17] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: yes xD

[02:17] О»ОјО№ПѓПЊ-О¶П‰О®2О» (coke): riot

[02:17] Irichanu: I want everything, just isnt possible tough

[02:17] MoW|Death6: 1-computer 2-project reality 3-girls 4-movies 999-family

[02:17] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: i want a Autograph now of anyone...

[02:17] deepsix501: so we see Katarn's avatar completly when i die? Who wants to kill me?

[02:17] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: me

[02:17] heidrick: can it be 3-family and 999-girls?

[02:17] MoW|Death6: :=

[02:17] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: Uh

[02:17] MoW|Death6: :)

[02:17] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: i missed my important questopm

[02:17] Irichanu: 1 M240B 2 PR 3 Girld

[02:17] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: Well I'm off for now

[02:17] MoW|Death6: :D

[02:17] L-SGT Chris[EEF]: when they gonna took out this dumb Kashan map...

[02:17] Irichanu: Girls*

[02:17] FF|BF2Files| Sir. LiLBonD: 1 GIRLS 2 CUPS 3 PR

[02:17] [Xfire-TTHS] Paddy: Cya friends:)

[02:18] MoW|Death6: Cya

[02:18] deepsix501: night Paddy

[02:18] Irichanu: bye

[02:18] Irichanu: So

[02:18] Irichanu: So

[02:18] MoW|Death6: thanks again

[02:18] Irichanu: Empty!

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